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1 [Physical activity and health] #2350 The Water Aerobics in Improving the Body Composition and Force in Sedentary Elderly People. | Presenter: Milton Salles Garcia | Authors: Milton Salles Garcia, Heleno da Silva Luiz Junior, Jose Maria Ferraz Filho | Indaiatuba/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1611 Perceived barriers and facilitators to physical activity and sport in adults with spinal cord injury: a case study in João Pessoa-PB | Presenter: Elaine Cappellazzo Souto | Authors: Elaine Cappellazzo Souto, Hélio José Alves do Amaral Filho, Leonardo dos Santos Oliveira, Marcia Greguol | João pessoa/BR
2 [Physical activity and health] #1869 Physical Exercise Reduces Gluconeogenesis Through Reduction of Pyruvate Carboxylase (PCB) in the Liver of Obese Mice | Presenter: Rafael Calais Gaspar | Authors: Rafael Calais Gaspar, Vitor Rosetto Muñoz, Guilherme Pedron Formigari, Marcella Sant’Ana, Dennys Esper Cintra, Eduardo Rochete Ropelle, Leandro Pereira de Moura, José Rodrigo Pauli | Limeira /BR
[Physical activity and health] #2403 Effects of a Low Volume Protocol and a High Intensity Power Training with Postmenopausal Women | Presenter: Everton dos S. Barros | Authors: Everton dos S. Barros, João P. Botero, Wagner Prado, Johny Almeida, Renato A. Garcia, Ricardo S. Leite, Matheus Guidugli | Santos/BR
3 [Physical activity and health] #1800 Exercise Training and Omega-3 Fattys-Acids Control GPR120 Expression in Liver of Obese and Insulin Resistant Mice: Potential Antiinflammatory Activities | Presenter: Guilherme Pedron Formigari | Authors: Guilherme Pedron Formigari, Rafael Calais Gaspar, Camilla Bertuzzo Veiga, Leandro Pereira de Moura, Eduardo Rochete Ropelle, José Rodrigo Pauli, Dennys Esper Cintra | Limeira/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2101 Diabetes mellitus, memory and balance: acute effect of exercise | Presenter: Mariana Eiras Borges | Authors: Mariana Eiras Borges, Alessandra Mussi Ribeiro, José Alexandre Curiacos de Almeida Leme, José Rodrigo Pauli, Eliete Luciano, Luciana Mendonça Arantes, Ricardo José Gomes | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1960 Correlation between Quality Indicators of Household Environment and Motor Development of Children from Maringa City. | Presenter: José Irineu Gorla | Authors: Guilherme Futoshi Nakashima Amaro, Caroline de Carvalho Picoli, José Luiz Lopes Vieira, José Irineu Gorla | Maringa/BR
5 [Physical activity and health] #474 Effects of contralateral antagonist contraction on acute performance of ipsilateral agonist exercise: a cross over study | Presenter: Cauê Vazquez La Scala Teixeira | Authors: Cauê Vazquez La Scala Teixeira, Diego Rezendo Cortes, Alexandre Lopes Evangelista, Danilo Sales Bocalini, Paulo Henrique Marchetti | Santos/BR
6 [Physical activity and health] #2157 Relationship between Anthropometry, Body Composition, Physical Fitness and Blood Pressure of Beginner Adolescents in a Multiprofessional Program of Obesity Treatment. | Presenter: Ronano Pereira Oliveira | Authors: Ronano Pereira Oliveira, Juliana Bertolini Fadanelli, Natália Carlone Baldino Garcia, Rafaela Pilegi Dada, Jane Maria Remor, Nelson Nardo Junior | Maringá/BR
[Physical activity and health] #884 Body Mass Index and Physical Activity Level as predictor of risk non alcoholic hepatic steatosis in adults | Presenter: Carla Giuliano de Sá Pinto Montenegro | Authors: Carla Giuliano de Sá Pinto Montenegro, Rafael Mathias Pitta, Danilo Sales Bocalini, Fabio Luis Ceschini, Marcio Marega, José Antonio Maluf de Carvalho, Luis Felipe Tubagi Polito, Aylton José Figueira Junior | São paulo/BR
7 [Physical activity and health] #2427 Chronic administration of Erythropoietin Cause Cardiac and Renal Fibrosis in Rats Submitted to Exercise Training. | Presenter: Milena Samora dos Santos | Authors: Milena Samora dos Santos, Wellington Lourenço Mendes dos Santos, Rosângela Soares Chriguer, Octávio Barbosa Neto | Uberlândia/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2195 SLEEP DEPRIVATION IN YOUNG ADULTS AFFECTS PERFORMANCE OF POSTURAL CONTROL FIXATING A TARGET AND PERFORMING SACCADES | Presenter: Ivan Esaú Pinto Vargas | Authors: Ivan Esaú Pinto Vargas, Lucas Eduardo Antunes Bicalho, José Angelo Barela | SÃo paulo/BR
9 [Physical activity and health] #2036 The correlation between "Timed up and go" Test to Age and Functional Exercise Capacity in Asymptomatic Women | Presenter: Thatiane Lopes Valentim Di Paschoale Ostolin | Authors: Thatiane Lopes Valentim Di Paschoale Ostolin, Wesley de Oliveira Vieira, Mateus Ferreira, Evandro Fornias Sperandio, Victor Zuniga Dourado | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2122 Gerontoativação Activity Improves Depressive Symptoms in Older Women Met in a Basic Health Unit in the Municipality of Santos-SP | Presenter: Karen Kiss Henke | Authors: Karen Kiss Henke, Cremilde Martins Tavares, Ricardo Luís Fernandes Guerra | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2421 Water Aerobics Contribution on Combating Chronic Back Pain | Presenter: Carla Mariza de Lima Krieger | Authors: Carla Mariza de Lima Krieger, Jorge Luiz de Souza, Marco Carlos Uchida | Valinhos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1517 Accuracy of Polar Active Activity Monitor and Omron HJ-105 Step Counts among Chinese College Students | Presenter: Xiaofen D. Keating | Authors: Jingwen Liu, Xiaofen D. Keating, Li Chen, Rulan Shangguan, Mark Worrell, Yao Fan | Austin/US
10 [Physical activity and health] #2414 Analysis of Coefficient of Friction Patterns in Gait and Running: a preliminary study. | Presenter: Andrea Brugnoli Vidal | Authors: Andrea Brugnoli Vidal, Lucas Antônio Monezi, Ricardo Machado Leite de Barros | Campinas/BR
11 [Physical activity and health] #1651 Assessment of Quality of Life and the Level of Physical Activity Among University Students | Presenter: Túllio Pieroni Toledo | Authors: Túllio Pieroni Toledo, Nara Rejane Cruz de Oliveira, Ricardo da Costa Padovani | Santos/BR
12 [Physical activity and health] #2312 Effects of Sun Salutation Sequence on Health-Related Physical Fitness in Obesity Women | Presenter: Khaothin Thawichai | Authors: Khaothin Thawichai, Rachnavy Pornthep | Muang district,/TH
14 [Physical activity and health] #462 Physical activity based a traditional- and supervised sports practice: a tracking study of long-term follow up in younger students | Presenter: Roberta Luksevicius Rica | Authors: Roberta Luksevicius Rica, João Marcelo de Querioz Miranda, Marcio Roberto Doro, Aylton Figueira Junior, Eliane Florencio Gama, Danilo Sales Bocalini | Sao paulo/BR
15 [Physical activity and health] #1654 Effects of Concurrent Training in Muscle Strength of Elderly with Metabolic Syndrome: Controlled Clinical Trial. | Presenter: Vania Fernanda Clemente Agner | Authors: Vania Fernanda Clemente Agner, André Andriolli Taffarel, Camila Baldini Mourão, Isabel da Silva, Sara Pereira, Marcia Carvalho Garcia, Maria Stella Peccin , Império Lombardi Júnior | Santos /BR
16 [Physical activity and health] #2319 Influence of Physical Detraining over Mesenteric Adipose Tissue in Rats. | Presenter: BOLTES-REIS, G. | Authors: BOLTES-REIS, G., ANDREOTTI, S., LIMA, FB., SERTIÉ, RAL. | São paulo/BR
18 [Physical activity and health] #873 Periodized Resistance Training Improve Hyperandrogenism, Menstrual Regularity and Reduce Anthropometric Indicators of Central Obesity without Weight Loss in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome | Presenter: Gislaine Satyko Kogure | Authors: Gislaine Satyko Kogure, Rafael Costa Silva, Daiana Cristina Chielli Pedroso, Cristiana Libardi Miranda Furtado, Fabiene Karine Picchi Ramos, Victor Barbosa Ribeiro, Rosana Maria dos Reis | Riberão preto/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2404 Characteristics of Movements and Injuries Incidences in Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics | Presenter: Renata Arabian de Petta | Authors: Renata Arabian de Petta, Giovanna Esther Dong Jardim , Larissa Rocha Lopes , Emilio Felipe Machado Alvarenga | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2089 THE IMPORTANCE OF FUNCTIONAL TRAINING IN STRENGTHENING THE "CORE" IN THE IMPROVEMENT OF FUNCTIONAL CAPABILITIES OF ELDERLY | Presenter: Diego Lucas da Silva | Authors: Diego Lucas da Silva | Batatais/BR
19 [Physical activity and health] #1675 Equation to predict peak V’O2 in obese submitted to the cardiopulmonary exercise testing. | Presenter: Bárbara de Barros Gonze | Authors: Bárbara de Barros Gonze, Alan Carlos Brisola Barbosa, Giovanna Domingues Spina, Evandro Fornias Sperandio, Rodolfo Leite Arantes, Marcelo Romiti, Victor Zuniga Dourado | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2027 Effect of Holistic Gymnastics in the Flexibility of Girls (10-12 years) | Presenter: Fernanda Fonseca dos Santos Lopes | Authors: Fernanda Fonseca dos Santos Lopes, Cecilia Guarnieri Batista | Campinas/BR
20 [Physical activity and health] #1738 Proficiency of Fundamental Motor Skills Diagnosis in Children of São Paulo City | Presenter: Eric Leal Avigo | Authors: Eric Leal Avigo, José Angelo Barela | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1376 Respiratory exercise increment pulmonary function, quality of life and psychological parameters in institutionalized bedridden older people | Presenter: Mauro Sérgio Perilhão | Authors: Mauro Sérgio Perilhão, Ariana Aline da Silva, Lilian Luiz da Silva Alves, Roberta Luksevicius Rica, Juliana Valente Francica, Angélica Castilho Alonso, Maria Luiza de Jesus Miranda, Tomaz Ferreira da Silva, Aylton Figueira Junior, Danilo Sales Bocalini | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1460 Effect of Long Term Aerobic Exercise on Blood Fatty Acid Composition in Severe Obese Adults | Presenter: Guo Yin | Authors: Guo Yin, Chen Wenhe | Changsha/CN
21 [Physical activity and health] #2411 Physical Fitness and Gait Parameters of Middle-Aged Women: Preliminary Results after a Strenght Training | Presenter: Ana Luiza de Castro Lopes | Authors: Lucas Caldas, Ana Luiza de Castro Lopes, Graciane Freitas, Gustavo Ramos Dalla Bernardina, Pietro Cerveri, Amanda Piaia Silvatti | Ervália/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2173 Improving Global Force in Patients With Parkinson's Disease Through Physical Exercise | Presenter: David Johnny Silva Aragão | Authors: David Johnny Silva Aragão, João Paulo Carneiro Marques, Ana Patricia Guimarães Rodrigues | Sobral/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2253 Dissatisfaction with auto body image in adolescents overweight | Presenter: Caio Machado de Oliveira Terra | Authors: Caroline Ferraz Simões, Caio Machado de Oliveira Terra, Adriano Ruy Matsuo, João Carlos Locateli, Nelson Nardo Junior | Maringá/BR
[Physical activity and health] #776 A Research on the Conflicts among the Players of the Masses Basketball Games in China | Presenter: Zhen Bin Tan | Authors: Zhen Bin Tan | Beijing/CN
23 [Physical activity and health] #2158 Water Practices : Learn To Swim trough Multidisciplinarity in Sesc Vila Mariana | Presenter: Graziela Higino de Moura | Authors: Graziela Higino de Moura, Bartira Pereira Palma | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2318 Resistance Training for Elderly Living with HIV | Presenter: Paula Maria Loiola de Souza | Authors: Paula Maria Loiola de Souza, Marcelo Nascimento Burattini | São paulo/BR
24 [Physical activity and health] #2189 Postural control in children and adolescents: Normative posturograph data | Presenter: Renan Heli Vales Scopinho | Authors: Renan Heli Vales Scopinho, Giovanna Gracioli Genoves, José Angelo Barela | Rio claro/BR
25 [Physical activity and health] #2315 Insulin Resistance may Reduce FGF-21 and Adiponectin/leptin Ratio Favoring the Inflammatory State in Obese Adolescents: Long-term Effects of Exercise Training and Multicomponent Therapy | Presenter: Ana Claudia Pelissari Kravchychyn | Authors: Raquel Munhoz da Silveira Campos, Deborah Cristina Landi Masquio, Flávia Campos Corgosinho, Ana Claudia Pelissari Kravchychyn, Sofia Emanuelle de Castro Ferreira Vicente, Lian Tock, Sergio Tufik, Marco Túlio de Mello, Ana Raimunda Dâmaso | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1993 Analysis of the tracking test result of the basic physical quality of the heavy athletics in Shenzhen Sports School | Presenter: She Junbiao | Authors: She Junbiao, Dai Yixin, Zen Guangping, Chen Zhiqing, WangHong | Shenzhen/CN
26 [Physical activity and health] #630 Slow Speed Is Better than Fast Speed to Improve Hypertrophy and Muscle Strength in Well - Trained Adults. | Presenter: Kelvin Hiroyuki Tanaka | Authors: Paulo Eduardo de Assis Pereira , William Quinelato, Yuri Lopes Motoyama, Gilmar de Jesus Esteves, William Zardetto , Luciano Botter, Kelvin Hiroyuki Tanaka, Rafael Ishihara Figueirôa , Paulo Henrique Silva Marques de Azevedo | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2354 Does resistance training intensity influence functional improvement in older adults? | Presenter: Ewertton de Souza Bezerra | Authors: Ewertton de Souza Bezerra, Lucas Bet da Rosa Orssatto, Rafael Luíz Sakugawa, Isabel Heberle, Guilherme Barcelos, Antônio Renato Pereira Moro | Florianópolis/BR
27 [Physical activity and health] #1668 Physical Activity, Nutrition and Bone Characteristics in 10-12 Year-old Hungarian Children | Presenter: Márta Szmodis | Authors: Márta Szmodis, Edit Bosnyák, Anna Protzner, Emese Trájer, Anna Farkas, Gábor Szőts, Miklós Tóth | Budapest/HU
[Physical activity and health] #2239 COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN THE LEVEL OF TAEKWONDO PRACTITIONERS FLEXIBILITY WITH ADVANCED BASIC LEVEL OF TAEKWONDO PRACTITIONERS | Presenter: Elisa Vieira Martins | Authors: Elisa Vieira Martins | Mogi das cruzes/BR
28 [Physical activity and health] #2271 EFFECT OF WATER GYMNASTICS IN BLOOD PRESSURE OF HYPERTENSIVE ADULTS | Presenter: Vanessa Matos Fraga | Authors: Vanessa Matos Fraga, Daniele Tavares Martins-Meneses, Fábio Tanil Montrezol, Daniele Tavares Martins-Meneses, Alessandra Medeiros | Guarujá/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2002 Effects of a health Program On sleep time, fat percentaje, cortisol and physical activity levels in obese adolescents of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. México | Presenter: Marco Antonio Enríquez Martínez | Authors: Marco Antonio Enríquez Martínez, Oswaldo Ceballos Gurrola, Raul Lomas Acosta, Armando Cocca, Jose Alberto Valadez Lira | Zacatecas/MX
29 [Physical activity and health] #2155 Impact of Cardiorespiratory Fitness on the Hipertriglyceridemic Waist Phenotype and its Components in Adolescents with Weight Excess | Presenter: Adriano Ruy Matsuo | Authors: Adriano Ruy Matsuo, Ronano Pereira Oliveira, Caroline Ferraz Simões, Natalia Carlone Baldino Garcia, Nelson Nardo Junior | Maringá/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1612 “Multifunctional Gymnastic Program”: Sesc São Paulo experience in the implantation process of a physical exercise program, by promoting quality of life. | Presenter: Luciana Itapema Alves Melher | Authors: Luciana Itapema Alves Melher, Carolina Seixas Nicolau | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2097 Effect of Classical and Individualized Protocols of Chronic Exercises in the Muscle Nociceptive Threshold of Rats | Presenter: Graciana de Azambuja | Authors: Graciana de Azambuja, Beatriz Botasso Gomes, Leonardo Henrique Dalcheco Messias, Fúlvia de Barros Manchado Gobatto, Maria Cláudia Gonçalves Oliveira-Fusaro | Limeira/BR
30 [Physical activity and health] #2240 Organization of the Tutorial Education Program from Physical Education Course of Federal University of São Paulo (PET-EF Unifesp): Cross-Disciplinary as Base | Presenter: Rafael Koga Amaral | Authors: Rafael Koga Amaral, Felipe Avila, Giovanni Soares Lopes Moraes, Gustavo Marques de Azevedo, Jader Martins Ferreira, Iara Barreira Marqui, Luann Brasil Bauduin de Souza, Marco Aurélio Alves Souto, Renata Ferracioli Barbosa, Tiago de Assis Neves, Sionaldo Eduardo Ferreira, Ricardo Luís Fernandes Guerra | Santos/BR
32 [Physical activity and health] #635 Physical activity in childhood on drug use and occupational activity of physically active elderly | Presenter: Marcio Doro | Authors: Marcio Doro, Carlos Eduardo Pereira Peleckas, Roberta L. RIca, João Marcelo de Queiroz Miranda, Aylton Figueira Junior, Fabio Luis Ceschini, Maria Luiza de Jesus Miranda, Danilo Sales Bocalini | Sao paulo/BR
33 [Physical activity and health] #1975 ANALYSIS OF MUSCLE STRENGTH PRODUCED BY OPEN WATER SWIMMERS AS ESTIMATED BY DIFFERENT MEASURING INSTRUMENTS | Presenter: Rodrigo Pereira | Authors: Rodrigo Pereira , Fabrício Madureira , Marcia Luz, Edson Torres, Dilmar Pinto Guedes Jr, Victor Zuniga Dourado | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2250 Influence of the Cardiorespiratory Fitness Over the Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome in Freshmen Adolescents in a Multidisciplinary Program of Obesity Treatment | Presenter: Natália Carlone Baldino Garcia | Authors: Natália Carlone Baldino Garcia, Ronano Pereira Oliveira, Juliana Bertolini Fadanelli, João Carlos Locateli, Adriano Ruy Matsuo, Nelson Nardo Junior | Maringá/BR
34 [Physical activity and health] #886 Profile of muscle strength balance ratios of shoulder and body composition in CrossFit TM athletes. | Presenter: Valentine Zimermann Vargas | Authors: Valentine Zimermann Vargas, Caroline Mota, Wallace de Almeida Silva, Marilia dos Santos Andrade | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1537 Comparison Study on Energy Expenditure between Level pace running and Varied pace running in College Students | Presenter: Yupeng Cui | Authors: Yupeng Cui, Minghua Zhao, Xing Huang, Shoufu Yan | Beijing/CN
35 [Physical activity and health] #209 The effectiveness of a Physical Education intervention programme on physical fitness levels of Grade 6 schoolboys in Tianjin, China | Presenter: Jian Wang | Authors: Jian Wang, Haili Tian, Abel Toriola, Yan Tao, Qingwei Jin | Tianjin/CN
[Physical activity and health] #2407 Physical Activities and Health Promotion with Schoolchildren: Experience Report | Presenter: Cristiane de Souza Moraes Donegá | Authors: Cristiane de Souza Moraes Donegá, Ailton de Souza Aragão | Uberaba/BR
[Physical activity and health] #817 The Influence of Intermittent Hpyoxia and Exercise on Serum’s TNF-α and Adiponectin in the Rats of Insulin Resistance | Presenter: Jin-Qin FAN | Authors: Jin-Qin FAN, Wen-Tao LIN | Shaoguan /CN
36 [Physical activity and health] #2308 The metabolic and immunological impact of physical exercise in sleep restricted subjects | Presenter: Leandro Fernandes | Authors: Leandro Fernandes, Renan Pozzi, Ronaldo Vagner Thomatieli dos Santos, Marco Tulio de Mello, Vânia D’Almeida | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1050 Assessment of Fitness and Training among East African Universities Swimming Athletes | Presenter: Francis Mundia Mwangi | Authors: Francis Mundia Mwangi, Mary Mwihaki, Lucy-Joy Wachira, Isaah Wabuyabo , Vincent Onywera | Nairobi/KE
[Physical activity and health] #2198 CLINICAL STUDY OF AN ELDERLY WITH DIABETES TYPE II USING LINEAR PERIODIZATION AS STRENGTH TRAINING BASE | Presenter: Guilherme da Silva Rodrigues | Authors: Guilherme da Silva Rodrigues, Edson Donizetti Verri, Evandro Marianetti Fioco | Batatais /BR
37 [Physical activity and health] #110 Investigating the validity of the REALITY web-based physical activity measurement tool for children | Presenter: Camila Stella Dias | Authors: Diane Jackson , David McMinn , Sandra Murison, Camila Stella Dias | Taubaté /BR
38 [Physical activity and health] #2186 The effectiveness of Pilates on psychobiological aspects of hypertensive women | Presenter: Daniele Tavares Martins-Meneses | Authors: Daniele Tavares Martins-Meneses, Hanna Karen Moreira Antunes, Nara Rejane Cruz de Oliveira, Ricardo da Costa Padovani, Alessandra Medeiros | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1802 The Body Image and Depression in Women Physically Active | Presenter: HELENA BRANDÃO VIANA | Authors: HELENA BRANDÃO VIANA | Hortolandia/BR
39 [Physical activity and health] #1652 Healthy lifestyle in Sao Paulo | Presenter: Tatiane Kosimenko Ferrari | Authors: Tatiane Kosimenko Ferrari, Maria Cecília Goi Porto Alves , Marilisa Berti de Azevedo Barros , Moisés Goldbaum, Regina Mara Fisberg , Chester Luiz Galvão Cesar | São caetano do sul/BR
[Physical activity and health] #42 Effects of National Body Composition Change on Physical Fitness | Presenter: WEIHAI ZHOU | Authors: WEIHAI ZHOU | Guangzhou/CN
[Physical activity and health] #2390 EFFECTS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN DEVELOPING SKILLS MOTOR IN | Presenter: Marlon Magnon Valdevino Leite | Authors: Marlon Magnon Valdevino Leite, Eric Leal Avigo, José Angelo Barela | São paulo/BR
40 [Physical activity and health] #993 The Stress Resilience Mechanism and Signal Regulation of Regular Aerobic Exercise for Aging Rats in Soleus Apoptosis and Autophagy | Presenter: Liu Wenfeng | Authors: Liu Wenfeng, Yin Dazhong, Tang Changfa, Zhang Bingxia, Wei Xia | Changsha/CN
[Physical activity and health] #2309 Time-Course Recovery after a Single Session of Resistance Training in Elderly | Presenter: Lucas Bet da Rosa Orssatto | Authors: Lucas Bet da Rosa Orssatto, Bruno Monteiro de Moura, Ewertton de Souza Bezerra, Silas Nery de Oliveira, Vinicius Santos da Silva, Fernando Diefenthaeler | Florianópolis/BR
[Physical activity and health] #629 Resistance training practitioners do not control the rest interval between sets | Presenter: Ricardo Borges Viana | Authors: Wellington Fernando da Silva, Ricardo Borges Viana, Geovan Nunes da Silva, Christian Bonfim de Oliveira, Marilia dos Santos Andrade, Fábio Santana, Carlos Alexandre Vieira, Mário Hebling Campos, Rodrigo Luiz Vancini, Claudio Andre Barbosa de Lira | Goiânia/BR
41 [Physical activity and health] #1039 Vídeo game: an effective propose to increments functional fitness at institutionalized obese older people | Presenter: Ariana Aline da Silva | Authors: Ariana Aline da Silva, Iago Gomes da Silva, Angélica Castilho Alonso, Mauro Sérgio Perilhão, Lilian Luiz da Silva Alves, Roberta Lukseviciu Rica, Aylton Figueira Junior, Maria Luiz de Jesus Miranda, Danilo Sales Bocalini | São paulo/BR
42 [Physical activity and health] #2071 Effect of resistance exercise training on baroreflex sensitivity in spontaneously hypertensive rats | Presenter: Moisés Felipe Pereira Gomes | Authors: Moisés Felipe Pereira Gomes, Mariana Eiras Borges, Elizabeth De Orleans Carvalho De Moura, Vitor Rossi de Almeida, Alessandra Medeiros | Santos/BR
43 [Physical activity and health] #2001 Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Physical Educator Identity | Presenter: Rulan Shangguan | Authors: Rulan Shangguan, Jingwen Liu, Xiaofen Keating, Li Chen, Yao Fan, Mingying Deng | Austin/US
[Physical activity and health] #2185 The Association between Genu Valgus and Physical Activity Level, Adjusted to the Chronological Age in Brazilian Females Adolescent Students | Presenter: Andrea Cassimiro | Authors: Andrea Cassimiro, Victor Matsudo, Rafael Benito Mancini, João Pedro da Silva Junior, Timóteo Leandro Araújo, Luis Carlos de Oliveira | Scsul/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1583 Research on the System of Disabled Sports Fitness in Urban Communities | Presenter: Jin Mei | Authors: Jin Mei, WangJiahong, ChangFurong, FUHui | Tianjin/CN
44 [Physical activity and health] #2366 THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BIKE FIT (BF) IN PROMOTING HEALTH OF A GROUP OF CYCLISTS VOTUPORANGA-SP | Presenter: 1. Valter Mariano dos Santos Junior | Authors: 1. Valter Mariano dos Santos Junior , 2. Wilson Luiz Borges Junior , 3. Julio Cesar Takehara , 4. Denys Soares Baptista , 5. Ismael da Silva Bueno Neto | Votuporanga/BR
[Physical activity and health] #2416 The influence of a taekwondo training on blood pressure in hypertensive individuals of children. | Presenter: Daniele Tavares Martins-Meneses | Authors: Daniele Tavares Martins-Meneses, Pamela Simões, Bruno Simões, Daniele Penteado | Santos/BR
45 [Physical activity and health] #1887 The Effect of Concurrent Training on Functional Fitness, Strength and Body Composition of Elderly Women | Presenter: Bruno Villela Pinheiro Lima da Costa | Authors: Bruno Villela Pinheiro Lima da Costa, André Maciel, Marina Ramos Domingos, Carlos André Barros de Souza, Renata Botelho, Victor Zuniga Dourado, Rafael Eduardo Eustórgio Pinheiro Chagas Miranda, Ricardo Luís Fernandes Guerra | Santos/BR
49 [Physical activity and health] #1703 Body composition evaluated by DXA of female Brazilian handball players: the influence of age | Presenter: Alexandre Aparecido de Almeida | Authors: Alexandre Aparecido de Almeida, Claudio Andre Barbosa de Lira, Jeann Lúccas Sabino de Castro, Marília dos Santos Andrade, Antonio Carlos da Silva, Rodrigo Luiz Vancini | São paulo/BR