Poster Presentations Schedule Red Slots

Slot September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4
1 [Sport development] #2378 Project “Remar para o Futuro”: Anthropometric and Physical Comparisons Between Selected Students and Their Reference Population. | Presenter: Aline Xavier Tuchtenhagen | Authors: Aline Xavier Tuchtenhagen, Marcelo dos Santos Vaz, Oguener Tissot, Verônica Diedrich, Mariana Alvariz Lopes, Eraldo dos Santos Pinheiro, Fabrício Boscolo Del Vecchio | Pelotas/BR
2 [Sport development] #1903 Gymnastics and People with Disability: A Brazilian Gymnastics Federations Review | Presenter: Lígia Zagorac Bahu | Authors: Lígia Zagorac Bahu, Elisabeth de Mattos, Michele Viviene Carbinatto | Sao paulo/BR
3 [Sport development] #1994 Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Cardiorespiratory Function of Wheelchair Rugby Athletes | Presenter: Jeter Pereira de freitas | Authors: Jeter Pereira de freitas, Pablo Rodrigo de Oliveira Silva, Agnaldo Lopes, Fernando Guimarães, Miriam Raquel Meira Mainenti, Patricia dos Santos Vigário | Rio de janeiro/BR
4 [Sport development] #1642 An Exploring Study on Adopting Game Stats for Table Tennis Match Broadcast Packaging | Presenter: ZHOU Yi | Authors: ZHOU Yi, GAO Ming, ZHANG Yingqiu | Beijing/CN
6 [Sport development] #1370 Maximal Isometric Strength Development does not Evidence Less Skeletal Muscle Fatigability in Health Adults Man | Presenter: Rafael Ambrósio Battazza | Authors: Rafael Ambrósio Battazza, Frank Shiguemitsu Suzuki, Marcelo Martins Kalytczak, Marcos Rodolfo Ramos Paunksnis, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira Palomares, Anderson Caetano Paulo, Fabiano Politti, Aylton José Figueira Junior, Danilo Sales Bocalini | São paulo/BR
7 [Sport development] #852 On Heritage of traditional Taijiquan in Modern Times | Presenter: ZengYang | Authors: ZengYang | Chengdu/CN
8 [Sport development] #18 Are 10 individual disciplines = decathlon?! New empirical findings on an old problem | Presenter: Michael Fröhlich | Authors: Michael Fröhlich, Freya Gassmann, Eike Emrich | Kaiserslautern/DE
9 [Sport development] #2142 Pet Bottle Board: an Alternative for Education Physical Professional to Instruct the Stand Up Paddle | Presenter: Fernando Tadeu Serra | Authors: Fernando Tadeu Serra, Eduardo Varejão Diaz Placencia, Sérgio Gomes da Silva, Gustavo de Moraes Rodrigues | Mogi da cruzes/BR
10 [Sport development] #1820 Ergonomic Analysis of Weight-Throwing Frame in Paralympic Sport | Presenter: Gilberto Martins Freire | Authors: Gilberto Martins Freire, Luiz Alberto Pilatti, Graciele Massoli Rodrigues | São paulo/BR
11 [Sport development] #1369 Representativity of São Paulo State's Women's Artistic Gymnastics in the Brazilian Cenario | Presenter: Letícia Bartholomeu de Queiroz Lima | Authors: Letícia Bartholomeu de Queiroz Lima, Laurita Marconi Schiavon | São paulo/BR
[Sport development] #1441 Research on the advertising strategy of the broadcast of sports events in China | Presenter: Yuanyuan Liu | Authors: Yuanyuan Liu | Wuhan/CN
12 [Sport development] #482 Athletic Talents in Shanghai: Status and Countermeasures | Presenter: Fang Xu | Authors: Fang Xu | Shanghai/CN
[Sport development] #1525 Quo Status of Participation of Physical Activity for Beijing Citizen Aged 16 to 70 and Demand for PA Service | Presenter: Wang Kaizhen | Authors: Wang Kaizhen, ZhanBing, Li Xiaotian | Beijing/CN
14 [Sport development] #2214 Fencing as a Sport for All in the City of São Paulo | Presenter: Fernando Andrade de Oliveira | Authors: Fernando Andrade de Oliveira, Bartira Pereira Palma | São paulo/BR
[Sport development] #329 Discuss on Chinese Reserve Talents Cultivation in Competitive Sports | Presenter: Deng Chenliang | Authors: Deng Chenliang | Chengdu/CN
15 [Sport development] #1418 Analysis on Development Predicament of China Golf | Presenter: Wang Meng | Authors: Wang Meng | Zhengzhou/CN
[Sport development] #439 Analysis on Comprehensive Strength of Top 8 Teams in 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup for Women in Turkey | Presenter: Rongji | Authors: Rongji | Shenyang/CN
16 [Sport development] #808 Strategies on Developing Martial Arts in Confucious Institute Overseas | Presenter: zhang, Weiying | Authors: zhang, Weiying | Cheng du/CN
[Sport development] #1784 Functional movement screening of applied research in Chinese youth team | Presenter: Tongyang Gao | Authors: Tongyang Gao, Ying Yu, Yunfeng Kong, Haozhe Jia, Ye Chen | Wuhan/CN
17 [Sport development] #2322 Research on the Training Factors for Swimming Achievement of College Women Swimmers | Presenter: Wang ye | Authors: Wang ye, Xiao long | Beijing/CN
[Sport development] #1940 EXECUTION FREQUENCY ASSESSMENT OF FUNDAMENTAL OFFENSIVE TACTICAL PRINCIPLES IN SOCCER’S JUNIOR CATEGORIES | Presenter: Vanessa Menezes Menegassi | Authors: Vanessa Menezes Menegassi, Paulo Henrique Borges, Leandro Rechenchosky, Wilson Rinaldi | Maringá/BR
18 [Sport development] #227 Sports Culture Development Under The Vision of Globalization:Seek Common Points While Reserving Difference | Presenter: Yang Xiaosheng | Authors: Yang Xiaosheng | Guangzhou/CN
19 [Sport development] #1503 Research on the Reuse of Winter Olympic Venues after Games | Presenter: TENG LENG | Authors: TENG LENG | Beijing/CN
22 [Sport development] #1735 An Analysis of the Results of Chinese Canoe Slalom Team Athletes’ Blood Lactic Acid Test | Presenter: KongYunFeng | Authors: KongYunFeng, GaoTongYang, JiaHaoZhe | Wuhan /CN
[Sport development] #951 On Basketball Philosophy of Hoopsters | Presenter: TNAZHENBIN | Authors: TNAZHENBIN | Beijing/CN
23 [Sport development] #32 The Examination of the concept of competitive state evolution in the New Perspective | Presenter: Weng Yanghui | Authors: Weng Yanghui, Tan Xiongying, Li Zhiwei | Qingdao city /CN
24 [Sport development] #190 The core elements of Chinese elite sports value with diversified development under the background of “National strategy” | Presenter: yongfeng zhong | Authors: Hu Yihai, yongfeng zhong | Wuhan/CN
[Sport development] #513 Happy Gymnastics: A New Sport Benefiting hundreds of millions Chinese Children | Presenter: Wei xubo | Authors: Wei xubo, Chen hong , Chen yongqing, Deng qing | Wuhan/CN
26 [Sport development] #2194 Test adaptation Ergometric Rowing Analysis for the Power Aerobic in mode Rafting Sports | Presenter: Wilson Luiz Borges Junior | Authors: Wilson Luiz Borges Junior, Julio Cesar Takehara, Ana Cláudia Garcia De Oliveira Duarte , Felipe Rodrigues Silva , Antônio Eduardo de Aquino Júnior , Leandro Ribeiro Costa , Cynthia Aparecida de Castro , Jorge Camargo Oishi | Votuporanga/BR
[Sport development] #2120 Three Different Post-fight Muscular Recovery Intervention Methods in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu | Presenter: Thalita F. de Castro | Authors: Ludmila F. de Araújo , Thalita F. de Castro, Cecília S. Peserico, Francisco A. Manoel, Danilo F. da Silva, Victor Hugo H. M. da Cruz, Adriane E. S. Inada , Fabiana A. Machado | Maringa/BR