Poster Presentations Schedule Gray Slots

Slot September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4
1 [Sport pedagogy] #889 Coach Education in National Gymnastics Federations | Presenter: Daniela Bento Soares | Authors: Daniela Bento Soares, Marco Antonio Coelho Bortoleto, Laurita Marconi Schiavon | Campinas/BR
[Sport pedagogy] #1566 The Current Education Systems and Future Direction of Young Aerobics Athletes in China | Presenter: Hui li WANG | Authors: Hui li WANG | Wuhan/CN
2 [Sport pedagogy] #2301 A Study on Students Physical Fitness Test Results Using to Elementary and Secondary Schools in China | Presenter: Huilin Wang | Authors: Huilin Wang, Wei Yan, Wanyong Lei, Yinyin Lei | Tianjin/CN
[Sport pedagogy] #1899 University Students were Agreeable to Adapted Sports Learning at University General Education Curricular | Presenter: Satoru Okagawa | Authors: Satoru Okagawa | Handa/JP
[Sport psychology] #375 Cognitive Control Abilities in Volleyball Athletes: An ERP Study | Presenter: Fanhui Zheng | Authors: Fanhui Zheng, Qing Lu, Yan An | Shanghai/CN
3 [Sport pedagogy] #2218 Comparison of Technical Actions between Futsal and Soccer Game in Children | Presenter: Julio Wilson dos Santos | Authors: Julio Wilson dos Santos, Renato Pereira Munhoz, Felipe Vieira da Silva, Lucas Rafael Gaviolla dos Santos, Henrique Pereira Santiago, Bruno de Sales Vieira, Igor Jardim Morisugi de Oliveira, Guilherme Abade Iokomizo | Bauru/BR
[Sport pedagogy] #1976 THE EXPERIENCE ABOUT THE PROCESS TEACHING-LEARNING OF THE VOLLEYBALL SYSTEMS GAME FOR ADULTS: OF 6X0 TO 5X1. | Presenter: Paulo Henrique de Souza Cavalcante | Authors: Paulo Henrique de Souza Cavalcante | São paulo/BR
[Sport psychology] #2232 Competition in Rhythmic Gymnastics: the Subjective Judgment as Specify Stress Factor | Presenter: Monique Marques Longo | Authors: Monique Marques Longo, Karine Ferreira Jorge Aragão, Jessica Costa da Cunha Mello | Rio de janeiro/BR
4 [Sport psychology] #2231 MENTAL TRAINING PRE-COMPETITIVE IN TAEKWONDO ATHLETES | Presenter: Rafael Chagas da Silva | Authors: Rafael Chagas da Silva | Biritiba mirim/BR
5 [Sport pedagogy] #1983 Soccer beyond the four lines: lesson plan applied to youngs | Presenter: Andreza Gonçalves | Authors: Andreza Gonçalves | São paulo/BR
[Sport pedagogy] #48 On the application of “Supermarket Physical Education ” and “Shepherd Type” teaching models in Physical Education in Vocational Colleges | Presenter: Tan Xiongying | Authors: Tan Xiongying, Weng Yanghui | Qingdao /CN
[Sport psychology] #2140 Personality traits in swiming athletes of Speed, Middle and Bottom. | Presenter: Cassio de Miranda Meira Junior | Authors: Gabriele Matias Avelino do Bonfim, Cassio de Miranda Meira Junior, Beatriz Matias Avelino do Bonfim | Itaquaquecetuba/BR
6 [Sport pedagogy] #1429 The Immediate Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation(PNF) Relaxing Activity on Female Students’ Flexibility in Yoga Course of University | Presenter: Yongsheng Dai | Authors: Yongsheng Dai, Lina Luo, Sitong Yang | Wuhan/CN
[Sport pedagogy] #1702 The Educational Sport and World Cup in Brazil: Case Report of Project Experience “O Futebol de Todos” | Presenter: FELIPE DEL MANDO LUCCHESI | Authors: FELIPE DEL MANDO LUCCHESI, JOHN KOUMANTAREAS | Santos/BR
[Sport psychology] #2224 Effect of Light Level on Extroverted and Introverted Swimmers’ Performance: an Exploratory Study | Presenter: Ana Carolina Gomes | Authors: Ana Carolina Gomes, Cassio Meira Junior, Flávio Pires | Guarulhos/BR
7 [Sport pedagogy] #1568 Experimental Study of Student Learning Influence by Optimizing Aerobic Course Teaching Environment | Presenter: WANG Huili | Authors: WANG Huili | Wuhan/CN
[Sport pedagogy] #323 Sports Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Life Education | Presenter: Lu Shuiping | Authors: Lu Shuiping, Chenliang Deng | Chengdu/CN
8 [Sport pedagogy] #199 A Study of the Transitional Development of China’s Physical Education Majors from the Perspective of “New Normal State” | Presenter: zhijun yang | Authors: zhijun yang , zhijun yang | Shangqiu /CN
[Sport pedagogy] #2244 THE PEDAGOGICAL PRACTICE OF RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS AS PER GARDNER’S THEORY OF MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES | Presenter: Monique Marques Longo | Authors: Monique Marques Longo, Monique Longo, Lara de Castro Ramos, Ellen de Souza Santos, Vanessa Moura Barroso | Rio de janeiro/BR
9 [Sport pedagogy] #1424 The effect of TGT&Jigsaw cooperative learning on college students’Taichi study and social mental quality | Presenter: Hongchang Yang | Authors: Hongchang Yang, Hongchang Yang | Shanghai/CN
10 [Sport pedagogy] #1777 Research on Development of Students’ Sports Associations in Chinese University Nowadays | Presenter: Jie Shi | Authors: Jie Shi, Guangan Hao | Beijing/CN
11 [Sport pedagogy] #577 Analysis on the factors of Deteriorating Condition of College Students' Habitus in China and its Countermeasures | Presenter: Chunsheng WANG | Authors: Chunsheng WANG, Hong JIA | Guangzhou/CN
12 [Sport pedagogy] #1981 Swapping swimming for Water Practices: Application program for practitioners over twelve years | Presenter: Andreza Gonçalves | Authors: Andreza Gonçalves, Diego Fernadez | São paulo/BR
13 [Sport pedagogy] #2201 Swimming Classes With Playful Activities and the Development of Moral Values on Children | Presenter: Ester Francisca Mendes | Authors: Ester Francisca Mendes, William Urizzi de Lima, Adriano Oliveira Gomes, Ricardo Alexandre Maia de Lima, Ana Maria Gaino Pinheiro, Cesar Eduardo Jerusevicius, Simone Gomes de Sousa, Marcio Ricardo Equi, Thiago Munhoz Flose, Rodrigo Daniel Bardi Alves, Almir Constanzo Marchetti | São paulo/BR
[Sport pedagogy] #1416 Research on the Design and Application of Youth Football Games | Presenter: Yan Hong | Authors: Yan Hong, Jin Yan | Chengdu/CN
14 [Sport pedagogy] #97 The features and training of Compulsory Exercise of Martial Arts | Presenter: Chen Feng | Authors: Chen Feng, Guo Qiong-zhu | Fuzhou/CN
[Sport pedagogy] #2317 Learning Effects of Model-based Instruction on Chinese High School Students in Malaysia | Presenter: neo hseng zyung | Authors: neo hseng zyung, Keh Nyit Chin | Taipei/MY
15 [Sport pedagogy] #1516 Investigation on Graduates’ Satisfaction to Quality of Teaching in Physical Cultures A Case Study of CUPES | Presenter: Yupeng Cui | Authors: Yupeng Cui, Tian Gao, Bingquan Luo | Beijing/CN
[Sport pedagogy] #1753 Promote Cultural Awareness by Engaging Students in Sport and Performance Activities | Presenter: Hongwei Guan | Authors: Chi Zhang, Hongwei Guan, Mary Bentley, Hongjun Fan | Ithaca/US
16 [Sport psychology] #1700 Breakfast Composition and the Awakening Cortisol Response in Basketball Players | Presenter: Regina Celia Spadari | Authors: Wederley Alexandre Januario, Gustavo Arruda, Marcia Carvalho Garcia, Regina Celia Spadari | Santos/BR
17 [Sport pedagogy] #2039 Acute effect of classes of school physical education on factors emotional teaching teens fundamental ll | Presenter: Rafael Ribeiro | Authors: Rafael Ribeiro, Alecsandro Silva, Vinicius Lauria, Paulo Eduardo Pereira | Praia grande/BR
18 [Sport pedagogy] #2041 Russian Sports Complex Ready for Labour and Defense and Preparing for its Implementation. | Presenter: Zinaida Kuznetsova, Doctor of Education, Professor | Authors: Zinaida Kuznetsova, Doctor of Education, Professor, Alexandre Kuznetsov, Doctor of Education, Professor, Marsel Khamitov, post graduate student | Naberezhnye chelny/RU
[Sport pedagogy] #2042 Exploring of practice teaching reform under the background of outstanding teachers of physical education | Presenter: Xiang-qun Zhang | Authors: Xiang-qun Zhang, Jin-Qin FAN | Shaoguan city/CN
19 [Sport pedagogy] #618 Exploration on Fencing Teaching in Colleges in China:A Comparative Study between Conventional P.E. Teaching Mode and Club Teaching Mode | Presenter: Wei Liang | Authors: Wei Liang, Bing Song | Chengdu/CN
[Sport pedagogy] #1893 Optimization Of Talent Training Mode In Professional Sports CollegeBased on The Collaborative Innovative Theory | Presenter: Zhoumin Liu | Authors: Zhoumin Liu | Changsha /CN
20 [Sport pedagogy] #1713 Research on anatomical features of basketball skills and specific strength training issues | Presenter: Xueling Zhang | Authors: Xueling Zhang, Minghai Wang, Yufei Du | Zhengzhou/CN
[Sport psychology] #637 Effect of bowling on one’s distraction | Presenter: Shigeru MURAMATSU | Authors: Shigeru MURAMATSU | Yokohama/JP