Poster Presentations Schedule Gold Slots

Slot September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4
1 [Sport history] #1925 Field Hockey in Brazil: from the Emergence to the Debut in 2016 Olympic Games | Presenter: Cássia Lopes Teodoro | Authors: Cássia Lopes Teodoro , Eduardo Klein Carmona, Janice Zarpellon Mazo | Porto alegre/BR
2 [Technology in sports] #2307 GROUND REACTION FORCES, JOINT MOMENT AND POWER MECHANISM IN TAEKWONDO KICKS | Presenter: Jerusa P.R. Lara | Authors: Afonsa Janaína da Silva, Jerusa P.R. Lara, Heber Teixeira-Pinto, Ricardo M. L. Barros | Campinas/BR
[Sport history] #279 Historical Study on Chinese- English Translation of Wushu | Presenter: Zhang Yingfan | Authors: Zhang Yingfan | Chengdu/CN
[Sport ethics and integrity] #297 Mindfulness in Sport, Science and Recreation | Presenter: Rev. Carl R. Cramer, Ed.D. | Authors: Rev. Carl R. Cramer, Ed.D. | Miami shores/US
3 [Technology in sports] #1366 Comparison of Two Methods For Tracking a Tennis Player Motion in Competition | Presenter: Carina Pimentel Santamaria | Authors: Carina Pimentel Santamaria, Heber Teixeira Pinto, Afonsa Janaina Silva, Cláudio L. R. Vieira, Tiago. J. C Pereira, Milton S. Misuta , Felipe A. Moura, Ricardo M. L. Barros | Campins/BR
[Sport ethics and integrity] #735 Impact of Chinese “Eight virtues” culture to improve athletes of sportsmanship | Presenter: wenhao yuan | Authors: wenhao yuan | Chengdu/CN
4 [Technology in sports] #2248 Visual Information in Fencing | Presenter: Augusto Siqueira Neto | Authors: Augusto Siqueira Neto , Ana Paula Xavier , Carla Patricia Guimarães , Sonia Cavalcanti Correa | Jandira/BR
[Sport ethics and integrity] #1015 Discuss about the cause and strategy of the moral deficiency of Chinese athletes | Presenter: Gaohaokun | Authors: Gaohaokun | Chengdu/CN
5 [Technology in sports] #82 Is infrared thermography a useful tool to determine changes in skin surface temperature in a sport-specific setting? | Presenter: Michael Fröhlich | Authors: Michael Fröhlich, Oliver Ludwig, Hanno Felder | Kaiserslautern/DE
6 [Technology in sports] #2164 Soccer Player Assessment Instrument (SPAI) Validation | Presenter: Daniel Traina Gama | Authors: Daniel Traina Gama, Márcio K. Kamimura, Cynthia Yukiko Hiraga, Paulo Ricardo Higassiaraguti Rocha | Ribeirão preto/BR
9 [Technology in sports] #1917 Effects of Taekwondo Experience in an Exergame Combat's Practice | Presenter: Andressa Formalioni | Authors: Andressa Formalioni, Daniel Meiato, Lucas Lilge, Cesar Vaghetti, Fabrício Del Vecchio | Pelotas/BR
12 [Technology in sports] #1599 CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS ON THE RACING WHEELCHAIRS ALONG THE YEARS | Presenter: Thiago José Donegá | Authors: Thiago José Donegá, Deny Gomes de Freitas, Cleudmar Amaral de Araújo | Uberlândia/BR
13 [Sport history] #706 A brief history of Chinese sports TV broadcasting development | Presenter: Kang Tan | Authors: Kang Tan | Chengdu/CN
16 [Sport history] #2296 Alberto Santos-Dumont: the first Brazilian Belle Époque sportsman who became an Olympic Hero | Presenter: Ana Maria de |Freitas Miragaya | Authors: Ana Maria de |Freitas Miragaya, Lamartine Pereira DaCosta | Petrópolis/BR
18 [Technology in sports] #611 Comparison of Jump Test and accessory Stride Sensor Polar Bluetooth to evaluate the vertical jump height. | Presenter: Rodrigo Luiz da Silva Gianoni | Authors: Rodrigo Luiz da Silva Gianoni, Yuri Lopes Motoyama, Gilmar Esteves | Santos/BR
[Sport history] #1996 “SAMBO” – BODY PRACTICE OF THE GUARANI AND KAIOWÁ INDIGENOUS | Presenter: Marina Vinha | Authors: Marina Vinha, Veronice Lovato Rossato | Dourados/BR
19 [Sport history] #1592 Hunting and Chinese Monority Traditional Sports | Presenter: Sharula | Authors: Sharula | Hohhot/CN