Poster Presentations Schedule Blue Slots

Slot September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4
1 [Governance and policy] #1987 The Connection of Sport Mega Events and Military Management in Brazil | Presenter: Fabio de Souza Carneiro | Authors: Fabio de Souza Carneiro, Andressa Fontes Guimaraes-Mataruna, Leonardo Mataruna-Dos-Santos | Coventry/BR
[Governance and policy] #1926 Identification and Sport Talent Development Policies in Brazil | Presenter: Luciana Perez Bojikian | Authors: Luciana Perez Bojikian, Maria Tereza Silveira Böhme | São paulo/BR
2 [Governance and policy] #1521 Federal Funding Available for Elite Sports in Brazil | Presenter: Alan de Carvalho Dias Ferreira | Authors: Alan de Carvalho Dias Ferreira, Alberto Reinaldo Reppold Filho | Porto alegre/BR
[Governance and policy] #1634 The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Promoting the Development of the Sports Industry in China | Presenter: Peijun Wen | Authors: Peijun Wen | Beijing /CN
3 [Governance and policy] #1663 Participation of Athletes in Governance and Sport Policies Development in Brazil | Presenter: Flávia da Cunha Bastos | Authors: Flávia da Cunha Bastos, Tatiana de Barros Freire, Maria Tereza Silveira Böhme | São paulo/BR
5 [Governance and policy] #1401 Reviewing the Determinants Of International Paralympic Success For the Development Of A National Framework Of Elite Sport Policy Factors Influencing Para-Sporting Excellence | Presenter: Aurélie Pankowiak | Authors: Aurélie Pankowiak , Dr. Camilla Brockett, Prof. Dr. Hans Westerbeek, Prof. Dr. Veerle De Bosscher | Melbourne/AU
[Governance and policy] #1932 Segundo Tempo Program: a legacy of the Olympic Games Rio/2016. | Presenter: Ricardo demetrio de Souza Petersen | Authors: Ricardo demetrio de Souza Petersen, Amauri Aparecido Bassoli de Oliveira, Selda Engelman | Porto alegre/BR
7 [Governance and policy] #790 The Role of Chinese Government and Soccer Competition Sports Broadcasting | Presenter: Luo Peng | Authors: Luo Peng | Chengdu/CN
8 [Governance and policy] #1655 Dissemination and Scientific Research Application in High Performance Sport in Brazil | Presenter: Cacilda Mendes dos Santos Amaral | Authors: Cacilda Mendes dos Santos Amaral, Flávia da Cunha Bastos, Maria Tereza Silveira Böhme | Jundiaí/BR
9 [Governance and policy] #2221 Diversity and Inclusion Management - Rio 2016 Committee Social Legacy | Presenter: Lucyana de Miranda Moreira | Authors: Lucyana de Miranda Moreira, Eloise Soares Brillo | Mogi das cruzes/BR
10 [Governance and policy] #1945 Changing the Organizational Climate through Communication Management in Company Active in the Leisure Market | Presenter: Gustavo Henrique Prevatto Zani | Authors: Gustavo Henrique Prevatto Zani | São paulo/BR
11 [Governance and policy] #73 The Causes and Treatment of Public Sports Service Policy Implementation Obstacles | Presenter: Sun Yan | Authors: Sun Yan, Wang Liping | Jinan/CN
12 [Governance and policy] #738 Sport in Full-Time Schools in Brazil: State-of-Art | Presenter: Luiza Lana Gonçalves-Silva | Authors: Luiza Lana Gonçalves-Silva, Michele Viviene Carbinatto | Campo grande/BR
13 [Governance and policy] #191 China 's professional football innovativeness Empirical Study | Presenter: Wu Yannian | Authors: Wu Yannian | Guangzhou/CN
[Governance and policy] #502 The Empirical Analysis on the Influence Factors of Competition in Traditional Olympic Countries | Presenter: HU Haixu | Authors: HU Haixu | Nanjing/CN