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10:00 [Sport medicine and injury prevention] #206 Effects of Injected Calcium Phosphate Cement and Its Composite On The Early Osteointegration of Grated Tendon in An ACL Reconstruction Rabbit Model Combined With Accelerated Motion | Presenter: Weimin Pan | Authors: Weimin Pan, Mingjun Zhang, Dan Li | Xi’an city/CN
[Sport sociology] #498 Research on Social Responsibility of Sports Social Organizations in China | Presenter: Chen Congkan | Authors: Chen Congkan, Yang Yuanbo, Cong Ningli | Chengdu/CN
[The athlete’s career] #1939 Dual Career Sports vs School: What the Autobiographies Shows Us | Presenter: André Luiz da Costa e Silva | Authors: André Luiz da Costa e Silva, Antonio Jorge Gonçalves Soares | Rio de janeiro/BR
10:20 [Sport medicine and injury prevention] #1810 The Influence of Exercise and Revsveratol on the Ultrastructural Structures and Apoptosis in T2DM Rats | Presenter: Han Li | Authors: Han Li, Yun Chang | Beijing/CN
[Sport sociology] #546 Regulation Dilemma and Promotion Countermeasures of Sports Social Organizations in China | Presenter: YangYuanbo | Authors: YangYuanbo, ChenCongkan | Chengdu/CN
[Sport sociology] #219 Social agency and football fandom: the cultural pedagogies of the Western Sydney ultras | Presenter: Jorge Knijnik | Authors: Jorge Knijnik | Penrith/BR
10:40 [Sport medicine and injury prevention] #639 Altered blood SCN5A mRNA level is associated with repetitive strenuous exercise in rats | Presenter: Peng Liao | Authors: Peng Liao, Xiaodan Zhang, Junfeng Li, Guilei Xing, Feifei Li | Tianjin/CN
[Sport sociology] #232 Comparative Study on Regulation of Sports Social Organizations between China and USA | Presenter: CongNingli | Authors: CongNingli, ChenCongkan | Chengdu/CN
[The athlete’s career] #2245 Contrasting global reality of the Paralympics with Brazilian athletes with disability | Presenter: Eliane Mauerberg-deCastro | Authors: Eliane Mauerberg-deCastro, Carolina Paioli Tavares, Debra Frances Campbell | Rio claro/BR
11:00 [Sport medicine and injury prevention] #1604 The Effect of Ibuprofen on Rat's Skeletal Muscle Inflammation Process and Satellite Cell Proliferation after a Single Eccentric Exercise | Presenter: LeiAi | Authors: LeiAi, LingLiu, XiaoMeiZhu, YueZhou | Nanjing/CN
[Sport sociology] #1657 Service, Education, or Research? Sport Function in World Top Universities: A case study in IARU | Presenter: Fuquan LU | Authors: Ning Li, Fuquan LU | Beijing/CN
[Sport sociology] #1360 Research of 2016 Rio De Janeiro Brazil Olympic sponsors on its corporate image and product trust effect | Presenter: Sitong Yang | Authors: Sitong Yang, Yongsheng Dai, Lina Luo | Wuhan/CN
11:30 [Governance and policy] #712 From Representativeness to Opportunism: Championships from São Paulo State | Presenter: MICHELE VIVIENE CARBINATTO | Authors: PAMELA PIRES SILVA, MICHELE VIVIENE CARBINATTO | Sao paulo/BR
[Rehabilitation] #118 Ampelopsin Alleviates D- galactose -Induced Sarcopenia by the Activation of Autophagy | Presenter: xianjuan kou | Authors: xianjuan kou, jie li, xingran liu, ning chen | Wuhan/CN
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #1740 Screeming for Risk of ACL Injuries in Youth Soccer Male Players | Presenter: LucianaAlmeida Ottoni de Luna Freire | Authors: LucianaAlmeida Ottoni de Luna Freire, Diogo Carvalho Felício | Juiz de fora/BR
11:50 [Governance and policy] #2092 Presence and Performance of the Brazilian Athletes’ Scholarship (Bolsa Atleta) Recipients at the 2015 Toronto Pan-American Games | Presenter: Barbara Schausteck de Almeida | Authors: Barbara Schausteck de Almeida, Fernando Marinho Mezzadri | Curitiba/BR
[Rehabilitation] #2018 Can the Photobiostimulation on Quadriceps Femoral Muscle Improve the Pain, Muscle Strength and Functional Performance in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis? Randomized Clinical Trial. | Presenter: André Cabral Sardim | Authors: André Cabral Sardim, Carlos Eduardo Pinfildi | Santos/BR
[Sport nutrition] #562 Food Intake, Competitive Anxiety and Sleep Quality Profile of Basketball Elite Athletes in a Competition. | Presenter: Natália Vilela Silva Daniel | Authors: Natália Vilela Silva Daniel, Ioná Zalcman Zimberg, Ricardo da Costa Padovani, Claudia Ridel Juzwiak | Santos/BR
12:10 [Governance and policy] #1670 A Method to Establish the Current Situation of Elite Sport in Brazil | Presenter: Alberto Reinaldo Reppold Filho | Authors: Alberto Reinaldo Reppold Filho, Selda Engelman, Alan Ferreira | Porto alegre/BR
[Sport nutrition] #593 Food provision affects daily nutrient but not energy intake in elite female water polo players | Presenter: Peng Liao | Authors: Peng Liao, Xiaoqin Gao, Aiwen Wang, Xiaodan Zhang, Ming Lei | Tianjin/CN
12:30 [Governance and policy] #1547 Organizational factors influencing the international sporting success in Judo | Presenter: Leandro Carlos Mazzei | Authors: Leandro Carlos Mazzei, Maria Tereza Silveira Böhme, Veerle De Bosscher | São paulo/BR
[Sport nutrition] #774 Heavy and light snacking elite female water polo athletes, with similar BMI and body composition, have similar overall energy intakes during training | Presenter: Peng Liao | Authors: Peng Liao, Aiwen Wang, Xiaoqin Gao, Xiaodan Zhang, Ming Lei | Tianjin/CN
14:00 [Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging] #880 Leisure-time physical activity and health-related quality of life of the Chinese young people in the network era | Presenter: Beatriz Pereira | Authors: Beatriz Pereira | Shanghai/CN
[Physical activity and health] #619 Impact of Different Levels of Physical Activity on Physical Fitness in Chinese College Students | Presenter: Zhonghui He | Authors: Zhonghui He, Weiyun Chen | Beijing/CN
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #2352 Effects of Force D-ribose Granules on Athletic Anaerobic Exercise Capacity | Presenter: Jingmin Liu | Authors: Jingmin Liu, Chunmei Cao, Junqiang Qiu , Qi Zhang | Beijing/CN
[Sport development] #733 The Development of Ski Industry in China—Towards the Transformation of National Economy | Presenter: Lin Xianpeng | Authors: Lin Xianpeng | Beijing/CN
14:20 [Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging] #654 Research on Event Resources of Female Teenage football in China | Presenter: CHEN WEI | Authors: CHEN WEI, TIAN DAN | Wuhan/CN
[Physical activity and health] #863 Status and Trend of Physical Activities Epidemic of Adults in China | Presenter: MEI WANG | Authors: MEI WANG, YANFENG ZHANG, PEIHONG LI | Beijing/CN
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #1973 Evaluation of Body Mass index and Blood Pressure of Players of Brazil National Amputees Soccer Team in 2015 | Presenter: Nathalia Bernardes | Authors: José Ricardo Auricchio, Nathalia Bernardes, Marcelo Pereira Cordeiro, Bruno dos Santos Souza , Michael Munhoz de Carvalho, Rene Costa Quintas Oliveira, Marlene Aparecida Moreno | São paulo/BR
14:40 [Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging] #263 ANALYSIS ON THE PHYSICAL HEALTH CONDITION CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PUPILS IN LESS DEVELOPED AREAS OF CHINA--A RESEARCH REPORT FROM HAINAN PROVINCE | Presenter: Lili Bai | Authors: Lili Bai, Xiaolu Feng | Beijing/CN
[Physical activity and health] #2167 An Assessment on Body Mass Index (BMI) of Students at Primary School Age in Macao – When is the best time for intervention? | Presenter: Walter King Yan HO | Authors: Walter King Yan HO, Dilsad AHMED, Chi Ian LEONG, Patrick IP, Parrick CHAN, Rudolph Leon Van NIEKERK, Fan HUANG, Beatriz WONG, Jessica CHEN | Taipa/MO
[Sport development] #415 From East to West: Growth and Organization of Asian Sports in North America | Presenter: Mandy Yi Zhang | Authors: Mandy Yi Zhang, Minkil Kim, Kevin K. Byon, James J. Zhang | Shanghai/CN
15:00 [Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging] #1446 Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Preschool Physical Education | Presenter: Cheng Jinyu | Authors: Cheng Jinyu | Wuhan/CN
[Physical activity and health] #599 Research on the Multi-dimensional Determinants Affecting the Physical Fitness of Tsinghua Undergraduates | Presenter: Xindong Ma | Authors: Xindong Ma, Dongyi Wu , Miao YU | Beijing /CN
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #1578 The Relationship Between Thoracoabdominal Mobility and Lung Volume is Improved in Tetraplegic Athletes after One Year of Wheelchair Rugby Training | Presenter: Karine J. Sarro | Authors: Karine J. Sarro, Juliana Viana Paris, Marlene A. Moreno, Ricardo M. L. Barros | Campinas/BR
17:00 [Genetics and sport] #2129 Optimization of Women Teenage Basketball Training by Genetic classification of athletes. | Presenter: JORGE LUIZ DE ARAUJO | Authors: JORGE LUIZ DE ARAUJO, NADJA REGUEIRA HARROP | Recife/BR
[Sport nutrition] #1638 The Effect of compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture on Taekwondo Athletes’ saliva immune function | Presenter: Rihui Zhang | Authors: Rihui Zhang, Changwei Liu, Feng Guo, Hongwei Liu | Shenyang/CN
17:20 [Genetics and sport] #819 Association of ACSL4 gene Polymorphisms and Elite Endurance Athletes Performance | Presenter: Wu JIan | Authors: Wu JIan, Zheng Xiaohong, HuYang, Yan Shoufu, WuHao | Beijing/CN
[Sport psychology] #767 A Study of Eating Disorder Tendency Related with Activity Energy Expenditure among University Female Students | Presenter: Shan-Shan MAO | Authors: Shan-Shan MAO | Beijing/CN
[Sport sociology] #1551 The McDonaldization of Society in Sports facilities and megaevents | Presenter: Ary José Rocco Jr | Authors: Ary José Rocco Jr, Leandro Carlos Mazzei | São paulo/BR
[Sport nutrition] #2138 Cortisol and Melatonin Salivary Concentration of Basketball Players in a Competition. | Presenter: Natália Vilela Silva Daniel | Authors: Natália Vilela Silva Daniel, Debora Estadella, Márcia Carvalho Garcia, Ioná Zalcman Zimberg, Ricardo da Costa Padovani, Claudia Ridel Juzwiak | Santos/BR
17:40 [Genetics and sport] #2088 the Compound Dinucleotide Repeat Polymorphism of the ALAS2 Gene mighting be the genetic markers of the elite long-distance runners in Northern Han nationality Chinese | Presenter: Yang HU | Authors: Yang HU, Jingning Lin | Kaifeng/CN
[Sport psychology] #657 Case Report of an Open Educational Resource (OER) Initiative in Sport Psychology for Developing Countries | Presenter: MARIA LUISA GUINTO-ADVIENTO,PhD | Authors: Peter C. Terry , Neil Martin, MARIA LUISA GUINTO-ADVIENTO,PhD | Quezon city/PH
[Sport nutrition] #804 Immunoregulation comparison of cordycepin, flammulina velutipes polysaccharide, and glutamine after exhaustive exercise | Presenter: Xuewen Tian | Authors: Xuewen Tian, Lianshi Feng | Shanghai/CN
18:00 [Genetics and sport] #2067 ACTN3 R577X Gene Variant is Associated with Explosive Force of Lower Extremity in elite Chinese Sprint/Power Athletes | Presenter: Xunzhang Shen | Authors: Xunzhang Shen, Ruoyu Yang | Shanghai/CN
[Sport psychology] #861 The Effect of Value Profiles on Antisocial and Prosocial Attitudes and Achievement Orientations in Youth Sport | Presenter: Jean Whitehead | Authors: Jean Whitehead | Eastbourne/GB
[Sport nutrition] #207 Caffeine and its influence on performance, heart rate variability, blood pressure and tidal volume in paraplegic and tetraplegic individuals compared to able-bodied controls | Presenter: Joelle Leonie Flueck | Authors: Joelle Leonie Flueck, Fabienne Schaufelberger, Martina Lienert, Claudio Perret | Nottwil/CH