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10:00 [Elite performance] #1684 Early Developmental Environment and Olympic Success: Analysis of an Australian Sporting “Hotspot” | Presenter: Kristy O'Neill | Authors: Kristy O'Neill, Wayne Cotton, Donna O'Connor | St clair/AU
[Physical activity and health] #2118 Two Weeks of High Intensity Interval Training Decreases Area Under the Curve of Glucose and Insulin and Improves Performance in Young Sleep Deprived | Presenter: Jorge Fernando Tavares de Souza | Authors: Jorge Fernando Tavares de Souza, Murilo Dátillo, Marco Túlio de Mello, Hanna Karen Moreira Antunes | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1556 Aerobic plus resistence exercise training promotes improvement in body composition of obese adults. | Presenter: João Pedro Novo Fidalgo | Authors: João Pedro Novo Fidalgo, Paula Bresciani, Maythe Amaral Nascimento, Leticia Andrade Cerrone, Renata Astride Rebelo, Ricardo Badan Sanches, Stephan Garcia Andrade Silva, Liu Chiao Yi, Danielle Arisa Caranti | Santos/BR
10:20 [Elite performance] #1049 A potential anti-doping method detecting autologous blood transfusion | Presenter: Timon Cheng-Yi Liu | Authors: Timon Cheng-Yi Liu, Yi-Fei Liu, Mian Tang, Li Jia, Quan-Guang Zhang | Guangzhou/CN
[Physical activity and health] #1577 Increase in Cardiorespiratory Fitness Improves Inflammatory Status in Obese Women | Presenter: Ricardo Badan Sanches | Authors: Ricardo Badan Sanches, Stephan Garcia Andrade Silva, João Pedro Novo Fidalgo, Leticia Andrade Cerrone, Maythe Amaral Nascimento, Renata Astride Rebelo, Vanessa F. Schoenardie Poli, Paula Bresciani Leite, Liu Chiao Yi, Ronaldo Vagner Thomatieli dos Santos, Danielle Arisa Caranti | Guarujá/BR
10:40 [Elite performance] #1921 Effects of Placebo perceived as Caffeine on the Perceived Exertion Threshold and Maximal Incremental Exercise Test | Presenter: Paulo Estevão Franco Alvarenga | Authors: Paulo Estevão Franco Alvarenga, Ricardo Yukio Asano, Felipe de Ruissi Lima, Fabiano Aparecido Pinheiro, Cayque Brietzke Barreto, Felipe Martucci, Carlos Ugrinowitsch, Flávio de Oliveira Pires | São paulo/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1693 Going To The Match - an analysis of a 6 week reminiscence therapy intervention on a group of men with dementia. | Presenter: Glyn Harding | Authors: Glyn Harding | Worcester/GB
[Physical activity and health] #742 Ten Percent Body Mass Loss is Required to Improve Flexibility in Obese Women After Interdisciplinary Therapy | Presenter: Maythe Amaral Nascimento | Authors: Maythe Amaral Nascimento, Danielle Arisa Caranti, Cintia Lopes Ferreira, João Pedro Novo Fidalgo, Lucas Nali Ribeiro, Ricardo Badan Sanches, Vanessa Fadanelli Schoenardie Poli, Stephan Garcia Andrade-Silva, Leticia Andrade Cerrone, Renata Astride Rebelo, Liu Chiao Yi | Santos/BR
11:00 [Elite performance] #1649 REGIONAL AND TOTAL BODY BONE MINERAL DENSITY IN MALE SWIMMERS AND SOCCER PLAYERS IN DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS | Presenter: Emilson Colantonio | Authors: Emilson Colantonio, Claudia R Juzwiak, Cláudio Scorcine, Fabrício Madureira, Marcelo M Pinheiro | Santos/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1542 Relationship among Possible Mechanisms of Self-Control Exercise Intervention on Cancer Survival | Presenter: Jibing Wang | Authors: Jibing Wang, Renwei Wang, Weimo Zhu, Jiaying Lang, Yong Gao | Shanghai/CN
[Physical activity and health] #221 Four Weeks of Maximum Lipid Oxidation Rate Intensity Training and Resistance Training Enhanced Body Composition and Changed Metabolic Profiles Significantly in Obese Youth | Presenter: Li ZHANG | Authors: Li ZHANG, Jian-fang XU , Cai-hua HUANG, Ying-li LU, Lian-shi FENG, Wen-yuan SHANG, Da-peng BAO | Beijing/CN
11:50 [Sport sociology] #547 A study on the influence of the Wuhan Open tennis tournament on the city brand | Presenter: YanYan Li | Authors: YanYan Li, ZiLi Lan | Wuhan/CN
[Elite performance] #600 Biomechanical parameters of impaired athletes in the long jump | Presenter: Miguel Angel Torralba | Authors: Miguel Angel Torralba, Josep María Padullés, Helena Olsson, María Luisa de Fuentes, Xavier Padullés, Adrian García-Fresneda, José Luis López, Apostolos Theodorou | Barcelona/ES
[Elite performance] #1554 Goalball - Effect of Rule Changes and Performance Impact of Techniques | Presenter: Christoph Weber | Authors: Christoph Weber, Daniel Link, Thomas Prokein | Munich/DE
12:10 [Elite performance] #16 PARA-BADMINTON – EVIDENCE-BASED CLASSIFICATION IN STANDING AND WHEELCHAIR CLASSES | Presenter: Prof. Dr. Hanno Felder | Authors: Prof. Dr. Hanno Felder, Prof. Dr. Michael Fröhlich, Juliane Stump, Katharina Hauschild, Stuart Borrie, Prof. Dr. Shamsul Azhar, Andy Randle-Hines, Dr. Silvia Albrecht | Saarbruecken/DE
[Sport sociology] #923 Study on Current Cultural Communication of Olympic Games ——Take Beijing and London Olympic Games as examples | Presenter: Zou Yun Jin | Authors: Zou Yun Jin | bei jing/CN
[Elite performance] #2009 Changes in throwing sports rules: implications about the performance of Paralympic athletes. | Presenter: Gilberto Martins Freire | Authors: Gilberto Martins Freire, Milena Pedro de Morais, Danilo Sales Bocalini, Graciele Massoli Rodrigues | São paulo/BR
12:30 [Elite performance] #1633 The Principle and Application of “Systematic training monitoring” | Presenter: JIE LI | Authors: JIE LI, LiXian Wang , Fang Su | Guangzhou/CN
[Elite performance] #1594 Influence of Physical Fitness on Special Judo Fitness Test Performance: a Multiple Linear Regression | Presenter: João Paulo Lopes-Silva | Authors: João Paulo Lopes-Silva, Braulio Henrique Magnani Branco, Emerson Franchini | São paulo/BR
14:00 [Sport sociology] #413 Social Capital and Public Sport Service Delivery in Rural China | Presenter: Lu wenyun | Authors: Lu wenyun, Lu Wenzhou | Nanchong/CN
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #709 The Biomarker of Inflammatory and Oxidative stress Associated with Myocardial Damage Induced by Training in Plateau Environment | Presenter: Jiaying Lang | Authors: jingmei dong , li Xia, Jiaying Lang, Jibing Wang | Shanghai/CN
14:20 [Sport sociology] #697 Participation in Physical Activity by Farmers in Western Rural Areas of China | Presenter: Lu wenzhou | Authors: Lu wenzhou, Cheng Juan | Nanchong/CN
[Sport development] #1647 Can organized youth sport involvement predict health related outcomes in early adulthood? | Presenter: Stefan Wagnsson | Authors: Stefan Wagnsson, Göran Patriksson | Karlstad/SE
[Sport pedagogy] #2040 Interventions in outdoor play areas of Kindergarten to promote physical activity of girls and boys | Presenter: Rosa Diketmueller | Authors: Rosa Diketmueller, Heide Studer, Franz Mairinger, Jenny Lischka, Barbara Gungl, Stefanie Spoerl, Rita Mayrhofer | Vienna/AT
14:40 [Sport development] #2083 Does The Duration of the Warm-Up Modifies the Time Limit (tlim) at the Peak Treadmill Speed (Vpeak)? | Presenter: Cecília Segabinazi Peserico | Authors: Victor Hugo Miranda da Cruz, Cecília Segabinazi Peserico, Fabiana Andrade Machado | Maringa/BR
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #43 2-Dimensional Strain Echocardiography (2DSE)Technology for Evaluation of Myocardial Strain in Swimming Athletes after High-Intensity Exercise | Presenter: Chen Liang | Authors: Chen Liang, Yun Ma | Beijing/CN
15:00 [Sport sociology] #122 Embracing City Life: Recreational Sports Activities of the New Generation of Migrant Workers in Urban China | Presenter: Huan Xiong | Authors: Huan Xiong | Guangzhou /CN
[Sport development] #2116 Training Prescribed by the Peak Speed And Velocity Corresponding to the Occurrence of the Maximal Oxygen Uptake for Moderately Trained Endurance Runners | Presenter: Francisco de Assis Manoel | Authors: Francisco de Assis Manoel, Danilo Fernandes da Silva, Cecília Segabinazi Peserico, Geraldo Ângelo Nogueira, Fabiana Andrade Machado | Maringa/BR
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #44 A study of the correlation between myocardial resilience after high-intensity exercise and markers of myocardial injuryinswimmers | Presenter: CHEN LIANG | Authors: YUN MA, CHEN LIANG | Beijing/CN
17:00 [Elite performance] #647 Sleeping for success: sleep monitoring and interventions in elite female athletes. | Presenter: Matthew Driller | Authors: Matthew Driller, Shannon O'Donnell | Hamilton/NZ
[Technology in sports] #492 How can the training load be adjusted individually in team sports? | Presenter: João Claudino | Authors: João Claudino, John Cronin, Bruno Mezêncio, Rafael Soncin, João Pinho, Alberto Amadio, Julio Serrão | Sp/BR
[Sport sociology] #1883 Research On the Communication and Integration of Olympic Movement and Traditional Sports Culture In Chinese | Presenter: Tian zu guo | Authors: Tian zu guo | Changsha/CN
17:20 [Sport pedagogy] #2143 Twenty Years from Physical Education NCP’s and from Transversal Theme: Do We Really Teach Ethics Through Sport? | Presenter: Monique Marques Longo | Authors: Monique Marques Longo, Karine Ferreira Jorge Aragão, Amanda Rei, Lara de Castro Ramos | Rio de janeiro/BR
[Technology in sports] #1979 Rehabgesture For Range of Motion Classification In Paralympic Sport | Presenter: Alexandre Fonseca Brandao | Authors: Alexandre Fonseca Brandao, Carolina Mie Kawagosi Onodera, Ricardo Aurélio Carvalho Sampaio, Marco Carlos Uchida, Gabriela Castellano | Campinas/BR
[Sport sociology] #1763 The Current Investigation on Sports Lifestyle of the Elderly in Shanghai and the Study on its Service and Guarantee | Presenter: Sun Han | Authors: Sun Han, Liu Jichao | Shanghai/CN
17:40 [Sport pedagogy] #1920 Physical Educators’ Self-efficacy for Exercise and Habitual Physical Activity | Presenter: Xihe Zhu | Authors: Xihe Zhu, Justin Haegele | Norfolk/US
[Technology in sports] #2227 Influence of low back pain symptoms on motor control | Presenter: Lucas Eduardo Antunes Bicalho | Authors: Lucas Eduardo Antunes Bicalho, Ana Maria Forti Barela | SÃo paulo/BR
[Sport sociology] #471 A Statistical Analysis of Teenager Campus Football Development in China | Presenter: Mei Yang | Authors: Mei Yang, Zhihui Tian | 武汉市/CN
18:00 [Elite performance] #293 Thermoregulatory risks of competitive wheelchair rugby match play | Presenter: Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey | Authors: Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey, Katy Griggs, Michael J.Price, Barry S Mason, George Havenith | Loughboorugh/GB
[Technology in sports] #1432 A Research on the Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Short Track Speed Skaters’ Aerobic Training | Presenter: Ming Yang | Authors: Ming Yang, Jingchao Liang, Jizu Shi | Changchun/CN
[Sport sociology] #1010 Research on the Development of Non-Olympic Sports from the Perspective of Polycentric Governance Theory | Presenter: ZhangTingxiao | Authors: ZhangTingxiao, Xiaoling, Yuwenqian | Dalian/CN