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10:00 [Sport sociology] #412 Sport and Spectacle in Brazilian Printed Media´s Speech: the Case of London´s Olympics Games 2012 | Presenter: Ary José Rocco Jr | Authors: Ary José Rocco Jr | São paulo/BR
[Technology in sports] #1620 Survey of Current Throwing Frame in the National Scene | Presenter: CAROLINE LOPES GOMES DE ABREU | Authors: CAROLINE LOPES GOMES DE ABREU, Cleudmar Amaral Araújo | UberlÂndia/BR
[Sport development] #2179 Using Long-Term Athlete Development to Integrate Athletes with a Disability: The Canadian Experience | Presenter: Colin Higgs | Authors: Colin Higgs, David Legg | Sydenham/CA
10:20 [Sport sociology] #1788 Press Operations Before and During International Games Hosted by China | Presenter: AI Xianfeng | Authors: AI Xianfeng | Wuhan/CN
[Technology in sports] #1772 Human Action Recognition Study with Motion Capture System Based on Inertial Sensors | Presenter: Jing Chen | Authors: Jing Chen, Xiaoqing Fu, Ning Li, Yu Huang, Lei Che, Fuquan Lu | Beijing/CN
[Sport development] #2181 Understanding the Para Sport Athlete Pathway: Focus on Participation | Presenter: Colin Higgs | Authors: David Legg, Colin Higgs, Aurelie Pankowiak | Sydenham/CA
10:40 [Sport sociology] #1812 Intercultural Communication and Construction of National Image in the Context of New Media | Presenter: Wu Kun | Authors: Wu Kun, Jia Lijuan | Wuhan/CN
[Technology in sports] #2233 Analysis of Fencing Lunge Performance Based on Coach’s Criteria | Presenter: Sonia Cavalcanti Corrêa | Authors: Sonia Cavalcanti Corrêa, Maria Isabel Veras Orselli, Ana Paula Xavier , Ricardo Salles, Gloria L. Cid, Carla Patrícia Guimarães | Jandira/BR
[Sport development] #259 Research on the Condition and Development Strategy of Hainan Minority Traditional Sports Project | Presenter: Min Hui Xia | Authors: Min Hui Xia, Bei Su, Ping Li, Xiao Jie Lin | Haikou/CN
11:00 [Sport sociology] #829 The Essential Characteristic of Sports Commentary | Presenter: ZHANG Desheng | Authors: ZHANG Desheng | Wuhan/CN
[Sport history] #2154 Formation of The Legacy of The Olympics Games and The Olympic Winter Games in The 21st Century | Presenter: Zinaida Kuznetsova, PhD, Professor, | Authors: Zinaida Kuznetsova, PhD, Professor,, Alexander Morozov, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Ilsiyar Mutayeva, PhD, Professsor, | Naberezhnye chelny/RU
[Technology in sports] #217 Real-Time Feedback System of Weightlifting with Kinect Sensor | Presenter: Kangwei AI | Authors: Kangwei AI, Zhiyuan BI | Beijing/CN
[Sport development] #1934 Multiculturalism and Physical Culture: The Case of the Greater Toronto Area | Presenter: Alvin Ma | Authors: Peter Donnelly, Yuka Nakamura, Alvin Ma | Toronto/CA
11:30 [Neuroscience and sport] #2235 Spatial perception after physical exertion in blindfolded athletes with and without visual disability | Presenter: Eliane Mauerberg-deCastro | Authors: Eliane Mauerberg-deCastro, Gabriella Andreeta Figueiredo, Gabriella Braga Crozara, Carolina Paioli Tavares, Giselle Helena Tavares | Rio claro/BR
11:50 [Neuroscience and sport] #1848 Effects and Mechanisms of Swimming in Postnatal Neuromuscular Junction Development | Presenter: NAN AN | Authors: NAN AN | Beijing /CN
[Physical activity and health] #1552 How Active Are the Economically Disadvantaged Women of the Olympic City of Rio de Janeiro? Analyzing the Four Domains of Physical Activity | Presenter: Fabiana Rodrigues de Sousa Mast | Authors: Fabiana Rodrigues de Sousa Mast , Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, Marcelo Carvalho Vieira, Sandro Sperandei, Luilma Albuquerque Gurgel, Uwe Pühse | Basel/CH
12:10 [Neuroscience and sport] #138 Swimming can increase the expression of the BDNF in hippocampus of aggressive behavior rat | Presenter: Baiping,Hu | Authors: Baiping,Hu, Feng,Qu, Yanfei,Lin | Xi'an/CN
[Physical activity and health] #141 Geographic Environment Distribution of Chinese Adults’ Physical Activity Level | Presenter: ZHANG Yanfeng | Authors: ZHANG Yanfeng, WANG Mei, LI Jijiang, Zou Jinhui, LI peihong | Beijing/CN
12:30 [Physical activity and health] #1886 Determinants of Participation in Physical Activity among School Going Adolescents with Disabilities in Kakamega County, Kenya | Presenter: Edinah Sabiri Mogaka | Authors: Edinah Sabiri Mogaka, Peter Wisiuba Bukhala (PhD) | Kakamega/KE
[Sport history] #2005 MEDIA AND SCIENTIFIC DISSEMINATION:THE RELATIONSHIP WITH INTERCULTURAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ GAMES | Presenter: Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira | Authors: Vera Regina Toledo Camargo, Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira, Deoclecio Rocco Gruppi | Campinas/BR
14:00 [Sport psychology] #1047 Effect of physical exercise on stress relaxation and attention of College Students | Presenter: Li You | Authors: Li You | Nanchang /CN
[Sport sociology] #1531 Serious leisure and sports science comunication: a case study of running magazines in Brazil | Presenter: Marina Gomes | Authors: Marina Gomes, Vera Regina Toledo Camargo | Campinas/BR
[Sport nutrition] #410 Athletes’ Food Choices in Different Food Culture Contexts: Challenges and Strategies | Presenter: Claudia Ridel Juzwiak | Authors: Claudia Ridel Juzwiak | Santos/BR
14:40 [Sport psychology] #211 Analysis of Selected Psychological Variables in South Indian Male Professional Hockey Teams | Presenter: Dr.SAJU.S | Authors: Dr.SAJU.S | Kollam/IN
[Sport psychology] #1978 Effect of Sport Activities on Mental State and Social Support of Middle High School and Primary School Students in Beijing | Presenter: Luo Yufeng | Authors: Luo Yufeng | Beijing/CN
[Sport nutrition] #594 Basal Metabolic Rate of Junior National Weightlifters in India: Development and Validation of Prediction Models | Presenter: Keren Susan Cherian | Authors: Keren Susan Cherian, Ashok S, Faaiza Shahkar, Balakrishna N, Venkataramana Y | Hyderabad/IN
[Sport nutrition] #2236 L-arginine supplementation and endurance training effects on male rats performance, antioxidant system and oxidative stress | Presenter: Rafael Herling Lambertucci | Authors: Edenilson Pinto da Silva Junior, Leandro da Silva Borges, Sandro Massao Hirabara, Rafael Herling Lambertucci | Santos/BR
17:00 [Sport eligibility and inclusion] #2191 Battery of Test for Evidence Classification in Cerebral Palsy Football: Reliability and Cut-Points | Presenter: Raul Reina | Authors: Raul Reina, María Campayo-Piernas | Elche/ES
[Governance and policy] #623 World Gymnaestrada: A Non-Competitive Mass Sports Festival | Presenter: MICHELE VIVIENE CARBINATTO | Authors: MICHELE VIVIENE CARBINATTO, MARCO ANTONIO COELHO BORTOLETO | Sao paulo/BR
17:20 [Sport eligibility and inclusion] #2192 A Qualitative Research to Accomplish the IPC Athletes´ Classification Code in Cerebral Palsy Football | Presenter: Raul Reina | Authors: Raul Reina, Samantha A. Cammidge, Vicente Beltrán-Carrillo | Elche/ES
17:40 [Sport eligibility and inclusion] #312 Study of 100m sprint in disabled athletes | Presenter: de Fuentes, M. | Authors: de Fuentes, M., Torralba, M.A., Calvo, J., Braz, M., Jorba, M., Martínez, J. | Barcelona/ES
[Rehabilitation] #1902 Do Functional Factors and Peak of Torque Explain the Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit in Competitive Water Polo Athletes of High School? | Presenter: Amanda Gomes de Assis Couto, PT, MSc | Authors: Amanda Gomes de Assis Couto, PT, MSc, Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira, PT, PhD | Ribeirão preto/BR
18:00 [Sport eligibility and inclusion] #2208 GOALBALL ATHLETES´ LIFE HISTORY | Presenter: Glenda Andriani Booz | Authors: Glenda Andriani Booz, Antonio Luis Fermino | Tijucas/BR
[Governance and policy] #249 An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Synergic Innovative Network Capabilities on Innovation Performance of Chinese Sports Goods Enterprises | Presenter: Yanlling Duan | Authors: Yanlling Duan | Wuhan /CN