Oral Presentations Schedule Marte Slots

Time September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4
10:00 [Sport history] #316 Research on the Characteristics and Core Idea of WuShu Culture in the Ancient Silk Road | Presenter: zhiyuguo | Authors: zhiyuguo | Shanghai/CN
[Technology in sports] #1774 System Nokachi: the virtual instrument to measure the velocity in combat sports | Presenter: Keith Sato Urbinati | Authors: Keith Sato Urbinati, Matheus Aguiar, Eduardo Mendonça Scheeren, Percy Nohama | Curitiba/BR
[Neuroscience and sport] #2077 The Role of Novel Interactive Media in Stress Management in Olympic Athletes | Presenter: Prof. David Baron | Authors: Prof. David Baron, Marientina Gotsis | Los angeles/US
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #284 The Impact of Non-Steroidal Aromatase Inhibitors on the Steroid Profile in Chinese | Presenter: Yanyi Xing | Authors: Yanyi Xing, Xin Liu | Beijing/CN
10:20 [Technology in sports] #2206 Isports: A Web-Oriented Expert System for Talent Identification in Soccer | Presenter: Alexandre Cristovão Maiorano | Authors: Francisco Louzada, Alexandre Cristovão Maiorano, Anderson Ara | São carlos/BR
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #182 Study on the Role of Catecholamine in the Regulation of Immune System Function in Women Volleyball Athletes | Presenter: wangzhe | Authors: wangzhe | Shanghai/CN
10:40 [Technology in sports] #1998 Far Infrared Emitting Fabric Enhances Anaerobic Energy System and Improves Exercise Tolerance During Very Heavy Intensity Exercise in Humans | Presenter: Arthur Gáspari | Authors: Arthur Gáspari, Antônio Moraes, Celene Bernardes, Amanda Sardeli, Patricia Guimarães, João Barbieri, Alex Castro, Mara Patrícia Chacon-Mikahil, Romulo Bertuzzi | Campinas/BR
[Sport medicine and injury prevention] #282 A Novel LC-MS/MS Method to Quantify Glycerol and Mannitol Concentrations in Human Urine for Sports Drug Testing | Presenter: Ying Dong | Authors: Ying Dong, Yanhua Ma, Kuan Yan | Beijing/CN
11:00 [Sport medicine and injury prevention] #1603 Salidroside Inhibits Myogenesis though Activating P-smad3 Expression in a Dose-dependent Manner | Presenter: Wei Luo | Authors: Wei Luo, Biao Sun, Jiansong Dai | Nanjing/CN
11:30 [Physical activity and health] #820 Body composition and somatotype profile of Spanish athletes with disabilities | Presenter: Marcelo Braz Vieira | Authors: Marcelo Braz Vieira, Máximo Nikic, Miguel Angel Torralba, José Luis López, Joan Vives, Victoria Pons | Barcelona/ES
[Sport pedagogy] #203 The Status and Transfer of Knowledge of Sport Students Relative to the Olympic Movement and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games | Presenter: Dr. J.G.U. van Wyk | Authors: Dr. J.G.U. van Wyk, Prof.Dr. A.E. Goslin, Prof.Dr. D.A Kluka | Pretoria/ZA
11:50 [Sport pedagogy] #2144 Reading and the Olympic sports: why not ? | Presenter: Tania Regina Pinto de Almeida | Authors: Tania Regina Pinto de Almeida, Rodrigo Vianna Mulatinho | Rio de janeiro/BR
[Sport ethics and integrity] #1943 Courage as a virtue for life in the narratives by Brazilian Olympic athletes | Presenter: Carlos Rey Perez | Authors: Carlos Rey Perez, Katia Rubio | São paulo/BR
12:10 [Physical activity and health] #592 Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change scores of twelve functional fitness tests in adults with Down syndrome | Presenter: Pieter-Henk Boer | Authors: Pieter-Henk Boer, Sarah | Mafikeng/ZA
[Sport pedagogy] #2113 Effect of Different Power Loads on Athletes With Different Types of Blood Circulation Central Hemodynamic Index | Presenter: Zinaida Kuznetsova, PhD, Professor | Authors: Zinaida Kuznetsova, PhD, Professor, Chulpan Gizatullina, PhD, Associate Professor, Ilsiar Mutaeva, Phd, Professor | Naberezhnye chelny/RU
[Sport ethics and integrity] #1696 Mega Sporting Events and Human Rights: Who is Really Winning and Losing? | Presenter: Dr. Marianne Meier | Authors: Dr. Marianne Meier | Geneva/CH
12:30 [Physical activity and health] #545 MRI T2 relaxation time in lumbar muscle training | Presenter: Ming-Yun Sun | Authors: Ming-Yun Sun, Jian-Qiang Lü, Zu-Chang Ma, Jiao-Jiao Lü, Qing Huang, Yi-Ning Sun, Yu Liu | Anqing/CN
14:00 [Physical activity and health] #299 Exercise Training Reverses Unparallel Downregulation of MaxiK Channel α- and β1-Subunit to Enhance Vascular Function in Aging Mesenteric Arteries | Presenter: Lijun Shi | Authors: Lijun Shi, Fanxing Zeng | Beijing/CN
[Sport eligibility and inclusion] #2098 People with Disability and Sport: How to Properly Offer the Adequate Paralympic Sport According to a Person’s Disability Using the Internet | Presenter: Victor Luz Lee | Authors: Victor Luz Lee | Rio de janeiro/BR
[Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging] #66 Prevention of sarcopenia through exercise and spermidine intervention by regulating functional status of autophagy | Presenter: Jingjing Fan | Authors: Jingjing Fan, Ning Chen | Wuhan/CN
14:20 [Physical activity and health] #11 Exercise Prevents Increased Functional Coupling of BKCa Channels to Ryanodine Receptors in Cerebral Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells from Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats | Presenter: Lijun Shi | Authors: Lijun Shi | Beijing/CN
[Sport eligibility and inclusion] #1818 Physical and Recreational Activities for Persons with Disabilities.Assessment Project Implementation Accessible Sports. Secretary of Sports, Municipality of Puerto Madryn. Chubut. Argentina | Presenter: Andrea Elizabeth Kaiser | Authors: Andrea Elizabeth Kaiser | Puerto madryn/AR
[Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging] #1422 Effectiveness of a Short-term Functional Strength Training Program on Fitness Performance in Girls Aged 15-17 years | Presenter: Ting Liao | Authors: Ting Liao, WeiTao Zheng, Gai Li | Wuhan/CN
14:40 [Sport eligibility and inclusion] #1992 Black Friends’ Basketball Practice Use Case: Stimulating A Lifelong And Inclusive Education Journey In A Community In The City Of Sâo Paulo | Presenter: Jorge Ferreira Franco | Authors: Jorge Ferreira Franco | São paulo /BR
[Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging] #1618 Body Dimensions and Physique of Prepubertal and Pubertal Handball Player Girls | Presenter: Anna Ilona Farkas | Authors: Anna Ilona Farkas, Gábor Szőts, Márta Szmodis | Budapest/HU
[Physical activity and health] #484 Effect of exercise intervention on Learning and memory of Alzheimer's disease mice | Presenter: rihui zhang | Authors: rihui zhang, cheng guo | Shenyang/CN
15:00 [Physical activity and health] #1942 Moderate Physical Training Reduces Percentage of Macrophages M1 in Tumor Microenviroment in a Murine Melanoma Model Submitted to Fat Diet | Presenter: Cesar Miguel Momesso | Authors: Cesar Miguel Momesso, Vinicius Leonardo Sousa Diniz, André Luis Lacerda Bachi, Laiane Cristina dos Santos, Tamara Ghazal, Lucas Lima da Silva, Maria Elizabeth Pereira Passos, Heloisa Helena de Oliveira Alves, Laureane Nunes Masi, Adriana Cristina Levada-Pires, Sandro Massao Hirabara, Tania Cristina Pithon-Curi, Renata Gorjao | Sao paulo/BR
[Sport eligibility and inclusion] #1824 Fighting for Space: Women and Combat Sport. | Presenter: Rafael Gomes Sentone | Authors: Rafael Gomes Sentone, Thaynara do Prado Szeremeta, Bruna Bárbara Proença Oliveira e Silva, Fernando Renato Cavichiolli | Curitiba/BR
[Physical activity and health] #1895 CENTRAL AND PERIPHERAL EEFCTS OF EXERCISE WITHOUT WEIGHT REDUCTION IN OBESE AND LEAN MICE | Presenter: Francine Pereira de Carvalho | Authors: Francine Pereira de Carvalho, Izabelle Dias Benfato, Thais Ludmilla Moretto, Marcela Barthichoto, Camila Aparecida Machado de Oliveira | Santos /BR
17:00 [Sport psychology] #1958 Relationship Between Sport Performance and Mood States of High Performance of Para-athletics | Presenter: Carol Uehbe | Authors: Carol Uehbe, Ciro Wincker de Oliveira Filho, Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão, Maria Cristina Nunes Miguel | Santos /BR
[Sport development] #301 Analysis of the Status of China's Sports Industry in the National Economy | Presenter: Maowei Xu | Authors: Maowei Xu, Yongfang Zheng | Wuhan /CN
[Governance and policy] #564 Research on resettlement problems and countermeasures for retired athletes in China | Presenter: Fujuan | Authors: Fujuan, Rongji | Bei'jing/CN
[Physical activity and health] #83 Strength-training-like effects of low level 810 nm laser irradiation on regular endurance training of female Wistar rats (18 months old) | Presenter: Timon Cheng-Yi Liu | Authors: Timon Cheng-Yi Liu, Fang-Hui Li, Yan-Ying Liu, Tao Li, Jing-Gang Chen, Quang-Guang Zhang | Guangzhou/CN
17:20 [Sport development] #636 Investment Analysis of Listed Companies in the Sports industry of China | Presenter: Maowei Xu | Authors: Maowei Xu, Xianyu Chen | Wuhan /CN
[Physical activity and health] #15 Depressed Antioxidant Actions in Skeletal Muscles of Nrf2 Knockout Mice Induced by 4-week Aerobic Exercise | Presenter: Ying Zhang | Authors: Ying Zhang, SY He | Beijing /CN
17:40 [Sport development] #391 Self-dependent Innovation of China’s Sports Brand in the Era of Big Data | Presenter: WANG Lei | Authors: WANG Lei, AI Xianfeng | Wuhan/CN
[Physical activity and health] #325 Time-dependent Expression of IL-6, Irisin and Bdnf in Response to Exercise in Rats | Presenter: Tao Yu | Authors: Tao Yu, Guo Liang Fang, Feng Fei Li, Liang Li, Xing Ya Yang, Yue Meng Wen, Yan Guo, Zi Hong He, Jie Xiu Zhao, Ye Tian | Beijing/CN
18:00 [Sport psychology] #50 The Effect of Functional Music on Athletes’ Mental Training | Presenter: Zhongqiu Zhang | Authors: Zhongqiu Zhang, Binbin Jia, Zhao Zhu | Beijing/CN
[Governance and policy] #142 Management Capacity at Sport and Recreation Facilities at Local Government Level | Presenter: Anneliese Goslin | Authors: Anneliese Goslin, Darlene A Kluka, Gontse Sere | Pretoria/ZA
[Physical activity and health] #101 Exercise-induced Autophagy is a Beneficial Promoter for Health | Presenter: Ning Chen | Authors: Ning Chen, Jingjing Fan, Shaohui Jia, Xuanjuan Kou, Yi Yang, Qingxue Li, Xiaoqi Yang, Ziyang Shu | Wuhan /CN