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The Evolution and Development Recommendations of Policy for Stadiums Industry in China

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Sport sociology

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Presenter Zhang Rui - peking university (department of physical education) - CN
Presenter Zhang Bing - peking university (department of physical education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 25        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Rui Zhang

Abstract Resume

Background:Stadiums are not only hardwares of sport events, but also carriers of healthy life style. There are also some problems faced by the stadiums: the development of
stadiums could not meet consumers’ growing demand; the relevant policies and regulations areincomplete or are not fully implemented; corporations are in rapid development but weak in the industry’s
self-government.  By analyzing stadiums industry related policies and regulations in our country, the article divides policies and regulations into three classes: programmatic, guiding and industrial;
and analyzes the pros and cons of the three classes. Meanwhile, drawing on the concept of stadiums industry overseas as well as the experience of the reform of cultural industry in china through
comparative study, the article focuses on the need of the policies and legal protection for the stadium industry development in China.

Methods:1. Literature review method.2. Historical analysis method. 3. Comparative research method. 

1. Foreign advanced ideas about the stadium industry development: Firstly, the planning of whole industrial chain of stadium industry. Secondly, the industry autonomy of stadium industry. Some foreign
governments rarely exercise their management function for the stadium industry, but the management is undertaken by various profitable and non-profitable sports organizations, and self management of
the industry is implemented.
2. Characteristics of Stadium Industry in China:Firstly, wide levels and various types of industrial entities. Secondly, strong consistency and great dependency of industrial activities. Thirdly,
difference in the professional degree and scale effect of institutions.
3.Policy Evolvement of Chinese Stadium Industry: The relevant policies and regulations of China about the stadium industry are mainly in three categories: firstly, the guideline policies and
regulations issued by the State Council or relevant ministries and commissions; secondly, the guiding policies and regulations implemented by various ministries and commissions and local governments;
thirdly, the standards, conventions and other technology and management regulations required by the industrial development. Overall speaking, the characteristics are as follows: firstly, the
intensively released new policies, compared to the early published sports laws, are more pertinent and efficient, and point directly to the pains of sports industry development. Secondly, seeing from
the time course, the national policies and regulations tend to promote the public stadiums gradually increase the openness degree and utilization rate. Thirdly, the country encourages the
market-oriented management of stadiums, but the guarantee policies in terms of tax and security are insufficient.

Policy suggestions on the stadium industry:1. Promote the systematization and scientization of stadium construction and management.2. Implement the tax preferential policies and create the favorable
market environment.3. Innovate the stadium management system and encourage multiple subjects to participate in industry autonomy.

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