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The features and training of Compulsory Exercise of Martial Arts

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter Chen Feng - Fujian Research Institute of Sports Science (Sports Department) - CN
Guo Qiong-zhu - Xiamen University (Physical Education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 14        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Chen Feng

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Background:The compulsory exercises are the main part of the series of skills and tricks in Martial Arts, therefore, it plays an important role during a competition. The compulsory
exercise have strict demands on the physical stamina, skill and will of athletes during the process of competition. At present even the most athletic competitors have a low success rate during the
competition. Therefore, to raise the success rate is the key factor that decide the results, and it’s also the focal point and most difficult aspect during training.

Methods:We recorded 59 male and female athletes, scoring and deduction of the final and preliminary rounds of Martial Arts in the National Games. After such we carried out an
observation, and statistical analyze of the data. We used the three-dimensional space recorder’s analyze, Polar heart rate monitor, Japanese blood lactic acid test instrument, and other’s to analyze
the data. This allowed us to set up an ideal technical movements model and exercise intensity model of the Martial Arts competition, to practice the compulsory exercise under the conditions of mock
competitions` exercise intensity. In the end we were hoping to compare the success rate.

Results: (1) The success rate of compulsory exercise in the National Games` Martial Arts 's final and preliminary rounds are lower than 7%. The statistics indicates that those who got
good marks had fewer deductions, and those who got bad marks had more deductions. The accomplishment quality of compulsory exercise is the focal factor to decide the result of competition, under the
condition that the athletes` training level is almost same. (2) The compulsory exercise have got a strict quantitative deduction standard in the categories of the take-off posture, the height of leg
sway, turning angle of degree, the posture of landing etc. It is quite common that the athletes jump or sway when they land, or the motionless time doesn’t meet the demands. (3) This study set up the
kinematics index diagnosis modal and image diagnosis modal for the compulsory exercise, takes this as the monitoring index of technical training, puts forward three kinds of main monitoring index of
training methods, determines the individual warming-up reference modal and provides the reference to the training before competition.

Conclusions:(1) The technical combination of compulsory exercise is complicated. It’s the weak link of the outstanding athletes nowadays. Attach great importance to the training of
compulsory exercise, to raise the success rate is the key factor to raise the competition’s score. (2) It is an effective measures for raising the compulsory exercise success rate to train the
athletes scientifically, through setting up the evaluated index of special courses quality, technical diagnosis model and the monitoring index of exercise intensity. (3) It is the focal point of the
training of compulsory exercise before competition to train the athletes under the condition of a mock competition, and ask the athletes try to succeed in the actual combatant training of compulsory
exercise at one time.

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