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On Basketball Philosophy of Hoopsters

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Sport development

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Presenter TNAZHENBIN - Capital University of Physical Education & Sports (College of Physical Education & Sports) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 22        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: zhen tan

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Background:Basketball philosophy is one kind of sound thinking mode based on basketball theory, which is of the profound understanding on basketball. The basketball philosophy of
hoopsters is their understanding and thinking on basketball, namely, the understanding capability for the basketball tactics. This paper concentrates on analyzing the characteristics, type, psychology
fundamentals of the basketball philosophy of them and cultivation approaches of basketball philosophy, and providing theoretic guide for basketball players’ practice in view of theoretic research.

Methods:1. Theoretic analysis: This paper analyzes the characteristics, type, psychology fundamentals of hoopsters’ basketball philosophy by methods of logic analysis. 2. Survey: In
order to study the cultivation approaches and methods for basketball philosophy, the author consulted some basketball coaches, players, experts and psychologists by methods of questionnaire and expert

Conclusions:1. Basketball philosophy of hoopsters belongs to operation cognition. One the one hand, Basketball players’ tactic thinking in the competition needs existed conceptions,
principles and theories, which forms the theoretic thinking. On the other hand, they can obtain much experiential knowledge from practices, which forms the experiential thinking. Furthermore,
Basketball players’ tactic thinking and actions in the competition is abundant and complicated, which needs experiential and intuitive thinking to deal with the tactic action, namely, forms the
intuitive thinking.2. These three tactic thinking mode plays different role in decision-making for basketball players’ tactic action. Theoretic thinking functions as analytic thinking based on existed
knowledge and conceptions, which plays a main part in tactics decision-making from macroscopic view. Experiential thinking plays an important part in players’ tactics decision-making from microscopic
view according to practical experience and knowledge. Intuitive thinking functions as acting ability according to varied situations, which is to use individual tactic actions in urgent and drastic
situation.3. Each tactic play has a basic ‘standard mode’. Tactic decision-making in different positions and varied situations should have different ‘rational mode’. Thus the process of coaching and
training is the imitational process to ‘standard mode’ in tactic decision-making for basketball players.

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