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The Analysis on College Teachers and Students’ Cognition for Introducing Outdoor Training to College’s Physical Education in Beijing

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Sport sociology

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Presenter JIN YAN - Beijing Sport University (Postgraduate School) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 2        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: JIN YAN

Abstract Resume

With the increasing development of the society, the disadvantages of traditional physical education in teaching contents and methods have surfaced gradually. A series of problems have been emerging,
such as the loss of interest in P.E class, students’ poor physique and psychological enduring capacity, and the lack of intercourse skills. In college’s teaching reform of P.E class, it’s a new trend
to combine P.E with natural environment so as to address the lagging teaching contents and methods of P.E class.

1 Literature consulting 
By consulting such electronic libraries as CNKI (Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure), Chinese Excellent Theses of Masters and Doctors, and Wanfang Data, I collected and arranged related
literatures. Focusing on the abundant journal articles, academic papers, and books on introducing outdoor training to college’s physical education published since 2007, I analyzed and arranged
systematically the concepts of outdoor training and the studies at home and abroad to provide references for my study in theory and approach.
2 Questionnaire survey
Questionnaire survey was done among P.E teachers of five colleges. Besides, undergraduates of non-P.E major were chosen from the five colleges by stratified random sampling. 
3 Mathematical statistics 
Statistic analysis was done for the acquired data through EXCEL to analyze the feasibility and strategy of introducing outdoor training to college’s physical education. 

1. As the survey shows, it’s feasible to introduce outdoor training to college’s physical education, which has been specifically reflected in teachers and students’ participation, comprehension, and
interest, and their willing to set outdoor training as well as teachers and experts’ prospect forecast for outdoor training curriculum.
2.As regards teachers and students’ participation degree in outdoor training, most students took part in outdoor training and had an understanding of its organizing forms and methods, and some
teachers also had such experience.
3.As regards teachers and students’ interest in outdoor training, many teachers and students thought that outdoor training was a novel sport and was more interesting than traditional sports.
Meanwhile, a number of teachers held keen interest in outdoor training and showed that they were willing to introduce outdoor training to their P.E class.

1. Outdoor training curriculum should stress its effects on healthy psychology and social adaptability as it seeks to improve students’ psychological health and social adaptability efficiently. 
2.As outdoor training curriculum boasts its numerous sports and colorful forms, we should take objective constraints (such as environment, climate, and site facilities) into consideration on the basis
of college’s P.E objectives and students’ demands for development when choosing teaching contents of outdoor training.
3.College’s outdoor training curriculum should apply random assortment with high flexibility and variability in whole school. This form can meet students’ demand to expand their interpersonal
communication and promote their mental quality.

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