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Study on Current Cultural Communication of Olympic Games ——Take Beijing and London Olympic Games as examples

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Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Zou Yun Jin - Peking University ( Department of Physical Education) - CN

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Room: Terra        Date: 3 September        Time: 12:10:00        Presenter: Yun Jin Zou

Abstract Resume

Background:Modern Olympic Games has become one global communication behavior under internationalization social background. The successful hosting of Olympic Games is not only one
global sports event, but also cultural event.From major elements of Olympic Games such as promotion videos, opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, torch relays and relevant cultural festivals, etc.
carried out systematic studies on connotation, features, structural forms, operational mechanism and future trend of cultural communication in large-scale sports events, so as to provide reference
models for cultural communication of large-scale sports events in the future, and to provided advices and suggestions for constructing national image.

Methods:1.Literature Review: Consulted and sorted academic data and paper literature related to cultural communication and cultural exportation of Olympic Games in recent ten years.
2.Interviews: Interviews on relevant personnel of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, to know propaganda work for Beijing Olympics in early/medium/latter period.

Basic Strategies of Cultural Communication of Olympic Games: 1.Promotion Videos:Beijing Olympic Games Promotion Video lasts for 5m17s, and consists of more than 200 shots through classification and
clipping. London Olympic Games Promotion Video, Make London Proud was started from the scene of a girl’s morning run. The general idea of the video: London, a city with passion for sports, and such
passion can be found at every corner here.2.Opening Ceremonies:The Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games took “Harmony” as its corn concept, and represented 5,000 years of long history and
splendid culture of China.“Isles of Wonder”, the theme of the London, was inspired by The Tempest of Shakespeare. 3.Cultural Festivals:Olympic Cultural Festival was held by Beijing Organizing
Committee for the Olympic Games once every year. “2012 London Festival” was lasted for 12 weeks, with more than 12,000 activities and 9,000 sites in total. It was the longest and largest cultural
event in Britain on record.

Basic Structure of Cultural Communication of Olympic Games:1. Main Forces of Cultural Communication: Governments, Social Organizations and Individuals.2.Means of Cultural Communication: Media
Diversity in Omni-media Era.3.Cultural Communication Goal: International Communication and Recognition for the Host Country.4. Cultural Communication Patterns: Expression of Diversified Culture and

Conclusions:1. Construct Mass Culture and Elite Culture of the Host Country.The cultural communication of Olympic Games may combine them well.2.Construct Traditional Culture and
Modern Culture of the Host Country.The cultural communication is a new round construction of traditional culture and modern culture.3. Improve International Prestige and Reputation of the Host
Country.By celebrating the Olympic Games, China and Britain have improved their international prestige and reputation to a certain extent.4. Enhance “Soft Power” of the Host Country.The successful
celebration of large-scale sports events has greatly improved the “Soft Power” of the host country.

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