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Characteristics and Application Principles of the Group Dance in Campus PE Class

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Sport sociology

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Presenter Aimei Xu - South China Normal University (School of Physical Education and Sports Science) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 41        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Aimei Xu

Abstract Resume

Group dance originated from the memorial activities or celebrations of the villages in ancient times, in which men and women of all ages participated. In modern society, group dance can be seen in
leisure activities, entertainments and festivals of urban and rural squares and campus PE class. With the development of the society, its function of general education becomes prominent gradually.

Literature review, case study and summery on practice were used for the analysis.

1. Characteristics of the Group Dance
1.1 Group dance is an action combining different body gestures with motions like walking, running, jumping, dancing and twisting into a group or a set of movement. It is a universal dance with lots of
1.2 Group dance comes from the folk, so it has strong ethnic features.
1.3 Judging from the formation, it mainly appears as the square matrix, the circle (one loop and double loop) and the queue. A few of them appear as the irregular triangle, semicircle, cross or
free-style formation. In general, a particular formation will be changed during the dancing but will return to its original status when the show is over.
1.4 The group dance is carried with social etiquette and traditions connotatively.
1.5 The music chosen for the group dance is characterized by distinct theme and features as well as complete musical passage and phrase.
2.The Application Principles of the Group Dance in PE class
2.1 The universal principle of movement refers to the fact that before teaching, teachers should select the movement, make the teaching plan, balance the difficulty of the teaching contents and
control the capacity of teaching based on the actual learning capability of the teaching objects, teaching periods and teaching environment.
2.2 The function principle refers to that during the group dance teaching process, the aerobic exercise function should be brought into full play, making the exercisers experience the pleasure of
aerobic exercise that is good for our health in learning and practicing. The organizers should subtly deal with the principles of different capacity and difficulty while preparing and teaching the
2.3 Compared to the Chinese “poems”, standard and regular, the artistry principle of the group dance reveals that the vocabulary of the movement takes “short sentence” as a norm and melody as poetry
rhyme and centers on the rhythm. Pursuing the art of teaching is the supreme state a teacher can reach. Otherwise, the combination of teaching contents and teaching forms is the key to realize the art
of teaching. Thus, it should be appropriately adopted during the teaching.

1.The group dance is characterized by a small amount of movements and it is easy to learn and remember. Moreover, it has diversified style which gives prominence to ethnicity. Furthermore, it embraces
various formations and rich forms. In addition, the musical paragraph is regular with characteristics such as clear beat and intermediate tempo.
2.The common principles of group dance teaching refer to the universal principle of movement, the function principle and the artistry principle.

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