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Status and Trend of Physical Activities Epidemic of Adults in China

Abstract Theme

Physical activity and health

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter MEI WANG - China Institute of Sports Science (Mass sport research center) - CN
YANFENG ZHANG - China Institute of Sports Science (Mass sport research center) - CN
PEIHONG LI - China Institute of Sports Science (Mass sport research center) - CN

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Room: Venus        Date: 2 September        Time: 14:20:00        Presenter: MEI WANG

Abstract Resume

Background: To survey and evaluate physical activity level of Chinese adults, and analyze characters of physical activity patterns in 2014 compared with that in 2010, for providing
scientific basic for public health policy-making and health promotion.
Methods: In 2014, the General Administration of Sport of China and related departments conducted the 4th national physical fitness surveillance, which covered 31 provinces and valid
sample size of 20-59 year-old adults was 146703, including 73104 males and 73599 females. “Physical Activity Questionnaire for Chinese urban and rural residents” was used which based on IPAQ
questionnaire with good reliability and validity. The core contents of questionnaire were sociological characteristics, daily routine, physical activity status of transportation, work, housework,
leisure time. Each physical activity firstly performs METs value assignment then calculated. All data were processed by descriptive statistics and independent t-test.
Results: The average overall PAL of Chinese adults in 2014 was 7519.18 MET•MIN/week, female was higher than males, increasing with ages before 50-year-old, quite lower than that in
2010 (-1034 MET•MIN/week), and 71.3% of Chinese adults had met Japanese PA guideline recommendation (3800 MET•MIN/week) declined by 1.9%, may partly explained ascending trend of overweight and obesity
rate (+1.6%) and lower rate of high level of physical fitness (-0.9%) in 2014.
Analyzing the characteristics of PA pattern found: occupational physical activity was main part of overall PA, contributed 61.36%, decline with age. The amounts of adults' occupational PA was 5373.72
MET•MIN/week, male was higher than female, but significantly lower than 2010, decreased by 943.7 MET•MIN/week (-1.1%) .
Housework physical activity ranked the 2nd, nearly 17.48%, and the amounts were 787.98 MET•MIN/week, rising steadily with age, female was higher than male. Although 46.95 MET•MIN/week lower than 2010,
but percentage were higher (+4.68%).
Average amounts of transportation physical activity was 722.18 MET•MIN/week, which counted 14.61%, similar rising trend with age, also 47.52 MET•MIN/week lower than 2010.
The last parts were physical exercise physical activity and leisure physical activity, constituted 5.89% and 5.78% respectively. Amounts of physical exercise PA was 311.88 MET•MIN/week, slightly lower
than 2010, but the proportion increased 0.85%. Leisure PA was 323.42 MET•MIN/week, a bit higher compared with that in 2010.
Conclusions:Physical activity level of Chinese adults in 2014 showed a sharp decline trend, mainly due to low amounts of occupational and active transportation physical activity.
Domestic physical activity also decreased, fortunately, awareness and amounts of physical exercise increased.
It is urgent to improve overall physical activity level of Chinese adults, especially females, e.g. reducing daily sedentary time and breaking-off 5 min after 1 hour work, choosing active
transportation, doing aerobic exercise 30 min per day, basically improve physical fitness and health status.

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