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On Heritage of traditional Taijiquan in Modern Times

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Sport development

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Presenter ZengYang - Chengdu Sports university (Dep of chinese martial arts) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 7        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: zeng yang

Abstract Resume

Background:Traditional Taijiquan has strong oriental characters, and contains the sprit and wisdom of the nation. It is the most precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, and
a national treasure. In recent years, traditional Taijiquan has been underdeveloped for various reasons. There appeared such tendencies and problems of traditional Taijiquan as fading of advantages
and characteristics, reducing of Wushu learners, and facing the crisis of being inherited. The most serious problem is that it is facing the crisis of being inherited. Currently, how to inherit
traditional Wushu in modern times has become the focus of the work of Wushu, under the historical background that China' is implementing the socialist economic system reform and Chinese Wushu is
opening up to the world.

1.Literature data method 
2.Expert interview method
3.Field survey method
4.Questionnaire survey method 
5.Statistical method
6. Analytical method

Results:Depending on the rusult of our research of taijiquan, we develop traditional taijiquan courses in more than 27 universities in china such as Beijing university,Shanghai
university,Wuhan university,Chengdu university etc. With good effect.And will also effectively promote the traditional Tai jiquan inheritance and development .

Conclusions:inheriting of traditional Taijiquan depends on the Chinese traditional culture; the substance of traditional Taijiquan to be inherited not only includes theoretical
knowledge, practical skills and moral cultivation, but also traditional culture of the Chinese nation and national spirit, which is more important. To inherit traditional Taijiquan is the only channel
to communicate with our distant ancestors and the solid cornerstone for us to step into the future. Therefore, the principle of “protection first” shall be resolutely adhered to for inheriting of
traditional Taijiquan in modern times. In addition, comprehensive and complete protection on traditional Taijiquan shall be strengthened from a national level; theory and technology system of
traditional Taijiquan shall be built; effective means for inheriting traditional Taijiquan in modern times shall be perfected and innovated; studies on evaluation criteria for inheriting of
traditional Taijiquan in modern times shall be strengthened. In short, a favorable policy and legal environment in favor of inheriting of traditional Taijiquan shall be created to preserve the
characteristics of traditional Taijiquan and ensure inheriting and sustainable development of the “national essence”.
Key Words: Traditional Taijiquan; Inheriting Wushu in modern times; Protection

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