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The Essential Characteristic of Sports Commentary

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

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Presenter ZHANG Desheng - Wuhan Sports University (School of Journalism and Communication) - CN

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Room: Merc├║rio        Date: 1 September        Time: 11:00:00        Presenter: Lei Wang

Abstract Resume

As the Olympic Games and the World Cup becoming the global "media events", media around the world are flocked to high-demand events. Providing public signals for the accredited media has become the
practice of International Olympic Committee, FIFA and other sports organizations and events organizing committee. Practice shows that, the dissemination of results from the same signal copyright
bought by different radio and television media coupled with their own sports commentary varies greatly, which indicates the importance of sports commentary is second only to the game screen in sports
live. In the era of mixing communication, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study on the essential characteristics of sports commentary.
literature, expert interviews, questionnaires, etc. and contains both qualitative and quantitative research.
1	Sports commentary as a working link
Sports live is a systematic project involving the purchase from copyright to the user watching, and other dozens of links. Commentary is just one of the many links; its main task is to carry out
timely and appropriate supplementary explanation in order to help the audience better to watch the game based on the game screen form the monitor.

2	Sports commentary as a post
Posts related to sports commentary can be divided into three categories: announcer and reporter series, whose main task is to broadcast news and information; host and narrator series, whose main task
is to control the topic, act as a go-between; commentator and guest series, whose main task is to clear up doubts and do the finishing touch.

3	Sports commentary as an information dissemination activity
Sports commentary must be news dissemination activities first, and then may be the art of communication. From the perspective of journalism and communication, the sports commentary is a news
dissemination activity using broadcast television as the main media platform that gives oral immediate description, interpretation and evaluation of sport events to the sports audiences, and is also a
speech communication activity.

4	Sports commentary as a language art
Some scholars believe that TV sports commentary is an application language art that uses TV as the media to give narrative, description, explanation, comment and contrast to sports events relying on
screen and verbal language, and is a professional field belongs to the television art from the theatre and film TV studies.
A high level of sports commentary provides not only timely information and wonderful reviews, but also the enjoyment of the arts to the audiences.
First, the sports commentary is a news dissemination activity that uses audio-visual as the main media platform to provide oral immediate description, interpretation and evaluation to the audiences to
help them better watching the sports events.
Second, in sports commentary, service is the starting point; news, commentary and entertainment is the basic essence; artistic commentary is the highest pursuit.

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