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The Influence of Intermittent Hpyoxia and Exercise on Serum’s TNF-α and Adiponectin in the Rats of Insulin Resistance

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Physical activity and health

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Presenter Jin-Qin FAN - Shaoguan University (College of Physical Education) - CN
Wen-Tao LIN - Guangzhou Sports University (Exercise biochemistry laboratory) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 35        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Jin-Qin FAN

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Background:Insulin resistance is the common basis of chronic noncommunicable diseases. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha(TNF-α) and adiponectin are two important factors which secreted by
adipose cell,and their level are related with the body composition.The imbalance of body composition caused by hyperliposis is a risk factor for insulin resistance. TNF-αand adiponectin also change,
so as to regulate the body's health when we are insulin resistance. Recent studies have pointed that hypoxic stimulus had good effect to regulate fat metabolism. Exercise had been proved to have the
same effect,too.However, what would happen in TNF-α,adiponectin and body composition when we are intermittent with breathing hypoxia and exercising for a long time, especially in insulin
resistance?Maybe,it would be a new method for improving or treating insulin resistance.
Methods:Animals:The insulin resistance rats model succeed by high fat diet feeding 6 weeks through the glucose tolerance test and fasting insulin judging.Later, the 48 male SD rats
were divided into four groups: high fat-diet normoxic control group(HNC,n=12), high fat-diet hyperxic control group(HHC,n=12), high fat-diet normoxic exercise group(HNE,n=12), high fat-diet hyperxic
exercise group(HHE,n=12).Exercise protocol:treadmill running, 25m/min,60min/d,5d/w,4weeks.Intermittent hypoxia protocol:O2% is 14.5%,4hs/d,7d/w, 4weeks.Samples and testing: After administered for
4weeks consecutively, all the rats were sacrificed and got the blood. Weighted and record the rats’ body weight,epididymis fat pad weight, kidney fat pad weight, quadriceps wight and gastrocnemius
wight, calculated the fat/muscle ratio then. Elisa kits were used to detect TNF-αand adiponectin in serum.
Results:  (1)The weight of all rats had increased after 4 weeks.The weight of HNC group increased the most and HHE group increased the least.The weight gain of HHE group was the least
compared with HNC group.(2)The fat/muscle ratio of three interposed groups had decreased compared with HNC group after 4 weeks,and HHE group had the greatest reduction (P < 0.01).(3) The TNF-αof three
interposed groups had decreased compared with HNC group after 4 weeks,and HHE group had the greatest reduction (P < 0.05).(4) The adiponectin of three interposed groups had increased compared with HNC
group after 4 weeks (P < 0.05),and the values of three interposed groups are very close.
Conclusion:(1) Live in low concentration of oxygen can reduce rat’s weight gain and fat/muscle ratio which has insulin resistance. Exercise have a similar effect,also.It had the best
effect on insulin resistanced rats’ body composition when exercise combined with intermittent hypoxia.(2) Live in low concentration of oxygen can reduce rat’s serum TNF-αlevel and increase adiponectin
level.Exercise have a similar effect,too.These change are helpful to improve the body's resistance to insulin.It estimates that related to exercise or/and low oxygen to improve the body composition.

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