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Strategies on Developing Martial Arts in Confucious Institute Overseas

Abstract Theme

Sport development

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Abstract Authors

Presenter zhang, Weiying - Chengdu Sport University (English) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 16        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Weiying Zhang

Abstract Resume

With the rapid development of the economy, China holds more communication with western countries. Martial arts as quintessence of Chinese culture are stepping onto international stage, which show
their unique characteristics and cultural heritage and attract many foreign friends. To popularize traditional Martial arts, Chinese government has sent many Martial arts teams and coaches to other
countries for teaching and communicating. And the construction of Martial arts course in Confucious Institute overseas is a much better way for those foreigners understanding Chinese culture. Martial
arts, originating from theories of Laotzu and Confucius, are not only a sport event but a representation of Chinese identities. Therefore, the development of Martial arts is to carry forward the
tradition of China. Presently, compared with the popularization of karate, taekwondo and boxing in western countries, the development of Martial arts is facing a lot of problems. How to spread Martial
arts and offer the course in Confucious Institute overseas have become the focus of many scholars and educators.

Based on extensive document analysis and data collected from a number of sources including documents, news media, and a series of interviews with related officials, the article compared Martial arts
with Japanese karate and Korean taekwondo to demonstrate strategies on offering and developing Martial arts course in Confucious Institute overseas.

1.The first problem to construct and promote Martial arts course is language. The quality of the couse depends on the teacher’s language level
2. The content of the course is hard to define, different people has different preference for the course, which requires standard professional Martial arts textbooks.
3. The purpose of Martial arts course is for physical fitness, and understanding Chinese culture, rather than fighting showed in the Gongfu movies
4. There are many Martial arts routines, requiring long time practice, which might be different from foreigners’ expectation of immediate effects.

1. Qualification certificate and assessment system should be constructed to train qualified martial arts teachers with high skills, so as to regulate international market of Martial arts.
2. Modern media and icons should be appropriately used to increase people’s attention, such as Gongfu movies, Jackie Chan etc. Information base should be constructed to publish and spread related news
3. Competition rules of martial arts should use western competitive ideas as reference, highlighting effectiveness and attack, so as to attract more western friends. This is the key to promote martial
4. Need analysis is a must before designing the course, techniques and spirits are two essences of martial arts, which are equally important to popularize the real martial arts around the world.

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