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Association between Genetic Profile and Basketball Position in Elite Athletes of Brazilian League: Cross Sectional Study.

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Genetics and sport

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Presenter Giscard Humberto Oliveira Lima - Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Biophysics) - BR
João Bosco Pesquero - Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Biophysics) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Purple - 1        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Joao Pesquero

Abstract Resume

Background: The Basketball is a sport that require complex combination of variety of different individual skills between players, and the differences in physiological and
anthropometric characteristics of basketball players have a strong relationship according differences positions of the game. Genetic association studies has been shown that genetic profile have an
important role on the physiology aspects, because some polymorphism are associated with athletic performance. The aim of this study was analyses the association of ACTN3, AGT, ACE and BDKRB2
polymorphism with basketball positions players.

Methods: The study involved 154 elite athletes of Brazilian Basketball League. The analyses of ACE and BDKRB2 gene were performed conventional Polymerase Reaction Chain (PCR), and the
analyses of ACTN3 and AGT genes were performed by RealTime PCR. The association between genotype and basketball positions was used a Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) and Multinomial Logistic
Regression model (MLR).

Results: The MCA result showed association between all genes (Cronbach’s alpha: ACTN3 = 0,86; AGT = 0,84; ACE = 0,84; BDKRB2 = 0,85)  and basketball position. The MLR showed
association of the significantly association only of the ACTN3 gene with basketball position.

Conclusions: The main found of our study is the positive association of the genotypes related with strength/power performance are associated with post players, and the genotypes
related with endurance performance are associated with point guard.

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