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The Role of Chinese Government and Soccer Competition Sports Broadcasting

Abstract Theme

Governance and policy

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Presenter Luo Peng - Chengdu Sport Institute (Communication) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Blue - 7        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Luo Peng

Abstract Resume

In the past ten years, Chinese soccer was walking on a tortuous road. Many cases like soccer club corruption or top referee and soccer association official for taking bribe happened almost
every years. Before 2014, all the biggest broadcasting rights like Olympics and FIFA World Cup are only belong to CCTV 5 in China, which is the main sports broadcaster part of the China Central
Television. Other TV or media group didn’t have the rights to negotiate with foreign sports league or company alone. In 2014, the Sate Council of China unveil the Fiscal Policies Supporting the
Development of Sports Industry, in this policies, the Chinese government  is relaxed the broadcasting rights and liberalized to encourage other media group into the sports broadcasting field. Chinese
giant estate company Wanda merged with Infront Sports & Media in 2015. Wanda said it will enter Chinese sports industry and focus on promote Chinese sports  competitions. Also, other Chinese
commercial giants like Sina and Alibaba, both announced their plan of sports industry. Chinese sports industry seems meet its best time. Soccer is the most popular game in China and it has the biggest
commercial profits, every media giants want to cut the cake from soccer broadcasting market. Chinese government need clearly its role definition at this time, to be a regulator or to be a market
pusher or both. This study is try to analyze the role of the Chinese government in soccer sports broadcasting market. Policy recommendations will provide in the conclusion.
Respondents in the current study included 116 participants from across the U.S. (n=61) and China (n=55). Participants were invited to participate in an online survey hosted by the
Communication Research Lab at Chengdu Sports Institute from  January 1 to January 29. All materials and procedures received approval through the Institutional Review Board. No monetary incentives were
offered for participation; however, some Department of Communication professors offered extra credits to students who took the survey.Participants were 53% male (n=62) and 47% female (n=54).
Participants’ age ranged from 17 years to 42 years. The mean age is 22.1 years old.
The goal of this study was to analyze the role of Chinese government in soccer competition sports broadcasting. The analysis revealed there were significant difference between Chinese
citizens and American citizens’ cognition of their government role. Although Chinese people reported lower concern of politics, they thought the government should play an important role in the soccer
broadcasting regulation. In those regulations, Chinese people were more concern about the price of watching sports broadcasting on TV or new media (n=31). There were no significant difference to show
the advance policy can strong impact the sports broadcasting market.
Chinese government can play an import role in Chinese soccer competition sports broadcasting. The government need make some positive policy for this market. The government make any
suggestion policy need analyze the market before.

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