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A Research on the Conflicts among the Players of the Masses Basketball Games in China

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Physical activity and health

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Presenter Zhen Bin Tan - Capital University of Physical Education & Sports (Institute of Physical Education & Sports) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 21        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: zhen tan

Abstract Resume

In Recent Years, with the Development of a Series of Competitive Basketball of Professional Basketball League in US and China,  More and More People favorite Basketball for Its Unique Charm. The
people involved in basketball are no longer satisfied merely as a basketball game, the Various Forms of Mass Basketball Game Came into Being. However, Long been Plagued by Conflicts of Athletic
Basketball Players  also Widespread in the Basketball Game of the Mass. A Small Disputes Quarrel between Teammates and Fight to Team Members All the Time Played outs in the Masses Basketball Game. If
These Players Conflict not handled properly, not only may bring about physical and Mental Damage for Players, Severe Cases may Make an Adverse Social Impacts of the Masses of the People, Evenly Paste
Barbaric, Rude Label for Basketball. It is not Conducive to the Development of Basketball and More Inconsistent with the Requirements of Building a Harmonious Society.

The Authors Used the Methods of Literature, Questionnaire, Interview, Mathematical Statistics and Logical Analysis Method for a Comprehensive and Detailed Study of Conflict Phenomenon of the
Masses Basketball in China

1、From the People Universal Understanding of Conflict, the Majority of Participants Lack of Knowledge  of Universality in Conflict  within the Team. The Conflict within the Team is not a
Normal Phenomenon, and Most People for Universality in Conflict  between the Team has Correctly Recognized. From the Conflict Point of View, Whether It is a Conflict within the Team or between the
Team, People's Opinion is  Traditional and Backward.
2、From the  Current Conflict Situation, Regardless of the Conflict within the Team or between the Team, the Reality of Conflict between Individuals is the Main Types of Conflict. In Concrete
Forms of Conflict,  the Majority of Conflict within the Team and between the Team are Psychological Conflict and Verbal Conflict. The Conflict between the Team is Greater than  within the Team in the
Number and Intensity of Conflict.
3.The Cause of the Conflict is Multifaceted. In General, Information Gene, Personality Differences, Basketball Characteristics, Understanding Gene,  Environment Gene , Differences in Values and
Standard Gene is the Main Reason of the Conflict within the Team. Cause of the Players, the Characteristics of the Basketball as well as Third-Party Causes is the Main Reason of Conflict between the
4.The Management of the Conflict  within the Team and the between the Team  are to be Improved. In the Event of a Conflict, a Positive Initiative for Conflict Management  is not Strong and the
Management Level is not High. In addition, to Manage Conflict Concept is Relatively Backward and Passive.
5.The Current Player Conflict Phenomenon Impact in the Basketball Game of the Masses is Multifaceted. The Conflict within the Team Come into being Negative Influence for the Players Psychology,
Interpersonal, Coaches Psychology, Coaches Work and Team Level Play on .

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