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The Causes and Treatment of Public Sports Service Policy Implementation Obstacles

Abstract Theme

Governance and policy

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Sun Yan - Shandong Sports University (School of Sport Social Science) - CN
Wang Liping - Shandong Sports University (Dean's Office) - CN

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Blue - 11        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Yan Sun

Abstract Resume

Policy implementation plays an important role in the whole policy process(agenda setting, formulation, implementation, evaluation, revise ,termination), and it also means administration of the law in
which various sectors, organizations, and procedures work together to make adopted policy into effect in order to achieve the policy goals. However, according to the investigation, there are some
obstacle phenomenon and  to varying degrees to affect the process of public sports service policy implementation. Because of policy obstacles, the policy implementation results deviate from goals,
affected public sports service quality and benefit.
Three methods were utilized to accomplish the objectives of this study: reviewing literatures, social investigation and interview people who working or doing research job in sports industry and
How to overcome these obstacle phenomenon, we should make a concrete analysis of each specific question. 
1 Authority of public sports service policy main body is not enough.
The current situation of Chinese public sports service policy is laws and regulations are less, articles of association and normalization documents are more. That resulted majority of policy
implementation cannot play strength dominating role. In general, the higher the policy authority, the more conducive to the implementation of policy, or vice versa. Thus, optimize the structure of
public sports service policy and promote policy authority are necessary.
2 Conflicts among stakeholders of public sports service.
In terms of the implementation of public sports service policy, there are two major aspects of the conflict. One is the conflict of interest between the central and local. Second, the conflict of
interest between departments. So, identify the relationship between the local and global, and improve the mechanism of public sports service interests balance are very important.
3 Public sports service policy implementation regulation not well.
In China, the administrative system exists disadvantages: government department is a provider of public sports service, and also is policy implementation supervisor. That leads to lack of policy
regulation and implementation inefficiency. Therefore, we need strengthen the supervision of public sports service policy implementation, and improve the mechanism of responsibility.
This study has explained why public sports service policy could be blocked during its implementation. To eliminate public sports service policy implementation obstacles, improve policy implementation
environment and facilitate policy implementation, government should do some works. That is, policymakers and managers should be able to use the knowledge generated from the investigation to design or
redesign policies so that policy implementation is more useful to Chinese sports industry development.

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