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Impact of Chinese “Eight virtues” culture to improve athletes of sportsmanship

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Sport ethics and integrity

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Presenter wenhao yuan - Chengdu Sport University (Journalism) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gold - 3        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: wenhao Yuan

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Background:In recent years, the problems of sports world are continued. There have doping, stadium violence, Black Sentry Post, gambling, fraud . These issues caused  impact for the
sport, also contributed to the generation of a number of other problems. If not resolved these problems ,it would not only cause a lasting impact of the sports development, but will harm the
development of society. This article based on the “Eight virtues” culture, proposed the method  to allow athletes to learn the “Eight virtues” culture to enhance the moral quality of athletes, to
solve moral problems that exist in competitive sports.
Methods:The research method of this dissertation mainly include literature analysis, case study method, through separately analyzed the “Eight virtues” culture and applied to athletes
training and competition to enhance the moral quality of athletes, to solve the problems in competitive sports.
Results:Depending on the function of each moral and combine the moral construction of athletes, the“Eight virtues” can be roughly divided into four levels:1,Righteousness and Loyalty.
For athletes, it is a moral soul and core, as a professional athlete must have professional spirit, to team the, the club and the country for serve, them have been faithful, in order to honor the
team's hard work, to play the best condition.2, Honesty and trustfulness. As an athlete ought to emphasis on integrity and moral, “seek truth and advocate practice” , don’t violate the principle of
honesty for fame and interests ,” Match-fixing” and ” False age” these problems can be solved since then.3, Courteousness and uprightness. Athletes have to learn moral style of “the interpersonal
civilization”. Treated competing opponents respect in the first place, respect the opponent is respect yourself, so you can avoid the happening of "stadium violence", to create a good atmosphere for
the game.4, Filial Piety and Sense of Shame. Filial Piety is a perennial love, Sense of Shame is the bottom line of the person's behavior. Athletes should be love, for example, NBA star join
Charitable Activities, take fans watch the games with cancer. Fans as fundamental for a team, so it can contact the team's relationship with the audience. Stick to the moral bottom line, them won't do
"doping" and "gambling" such things to destroy the spirit of sports.
Conclusions:Chinese traditional cultural morality the “Eight virtues” are excellent spiritual and cultural wealth of the Chinese nation. It has not only a positive impact for Chinese
social progress , but also shines in the world of sports. This article based on the Chinese traditional culture the “Eight virtues” in-depth study, and the full integration of the spirit and the
spirit of sport, to find out the problems existing in the modern competitive sports , respectively, the “Eight virtues” culture for solving various problems incompetitive sports, make guidance for the
athletes. Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games is about to open, the frequent emergence of sports is a bad influence factors. We should show our excellent traditional culture, and make it play a good role in
guiding and regulating the competitive sports moral aspects.

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