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A brief history of Chinese sports TV broadcasting development

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Sport history

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Presenter Kang Tan - Chengdu Sport University (Journalism) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gold - 13        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Kang Tan

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Background:The development of television live broadcast on sports is under the influence of the prosperity of sports and television industry in China. In the past 58 years, the
practice of live sports events broadcasting increased tremendously, leading the technology of China Central Television (CCTV) is now capable of any international level of live sports events. This
essay is to study the development of live sports events broadcast in China and hopefully to give a vision of a healthy future development afterwards.

Methods:The research method of this dissertation mainly include literature analysis,expert interviews, questionnaire survey method, case study method,mathematical statistics method.
In this paper, always adhere to the principle of combining qualitative and quantitative analysis, to the scientific and objectivity which research results.

Results:The history of live sports events broadcasting on television could be chronologically divided into five stages: the embryonic stage, the tortuously developing stage, the
recovering stage, prosperity stage, and the monopoly stage. The embryonic stage (1958-1965): In this time period, both equipment and technology are very limited. There is no stable and consistent
broadcast hours whatsoever. The tortuously developing stage (1966-1976): During the cultural revolution period, the whole sport industry including live broadcasting is under the great influence of
political content. Although equipment and technology were improved, very little live sport events broadcast has been made in this time. The recovering stage (1978-1991): The economic reform of China
in late 1970s brought greatest opportunity to live sports broadcasting industry and TV stations like CCTV started proficiently producing live sports broadcast ever since.In 1990, China produced mass
live sports broadcast using its own signal during the Asian Games, which was providing enough experience and practice to the development of live broadcast industry in the 1990s. The prosperity stage
(1992-2004): The golden age of live sports broadcasting in China started from 1992. In this year, CCTV firstly participated the making of international television signal of three sport events
including table tennis in the Athens Olympic Games, meaning the live technology of China has reached the international standard and accepted by the international live television industry. The monopoly
stage (2005-present): Because of different reasons including policy, capital, program resources, CCTV has seized the absolute leading role in live sports events broadcasting in China while other
smaller local television stations struggled and perished.

Conclusions:CCTV will maintain the monopoly in live sports events broadcasting in China in a long time due to the lacking of free market and competition in television industry.
However, nowadays sports media including the world’s famous ESPN are trying to make a break through. And the live broadcast industry in China would certainly reform and self-improve alongside with the
development of sports industry.

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