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Participation in Physical Activity by Farmers in Western Rural Areas of China

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Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Lu wenzhou - China West Normal University (Faculty of Physical Education) - CN
Presenter Cheng Juan - China West Normal University (Faculty of Physical Education) - CN

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Room: Terra        Date: 1 September        Time: 14:20:00        Presenter: wenyun lu

Abstract Resume

Background:In China, rural areas in the west are the most poverty-stricken areas, the industrialization, urbanization and economic development is far significant lower than rural  
areas in the east and average level of the nation. In the context of new sports strategy after Beijing Olympic Games and government’s new policy on rural areas, agriculture and farmers at present,
promoting physical activity in western rural areas is urgent.This article aims to make survey of farmers’ physical activity level, analyze the factors affecting farmers’ physical activity level, and
provide countermeasures to promote physical activity level in western rural areas of China.

Methods:Literature review, interview, questionnaire and statistics were used.

Results:41.9% farmers in west of China participated in Physical activity one time in 2011. The first factor affecting farmers’ physical activity is educational degree, followed by
gender, nationality and marriage status. Women are far higher than men in the awareness of participation of physical activity. Han nationality has a more opportunities to do physical exercise than
minority group. The married has more opportunities to do physical exercise than the unmarried. With the working time decrease, the frequency farmers doing physical exercise increased. As the income
exceeds certain value, the physical activity time increased rapidly. There is no significant difference between men and women on awareness of health, the choice of physical activity partners, events
selection, time doing physical exercise, and the way to improve sport awareness. However, there is a significant difference between men and women about the value of physical activity, the frequency
and intensity of physical activity. For non participant, there is no significant difference between men and women about the reason why did not do physical exercise, for different age group, the
difference is significant.

Conclusions:Lower level and quality of participation in physical activity by farmers in west of China mainly caused by lower level of economic and social development in western rural
areas of China, which result in lower demand of physical activity. Public sports service delivery by government is also key reason hinder farmers’ participation in physical activity. The
countermeasures to promote farmers’ participation as follow: 1) promoting economic development to improve sports need of farmers; 2) exploring, regularizing and popularizing local traditional sports;
3) strengthening Public sports service delivered by government such as constructing sports venues and facilities at village level, establishing systematic administration and organization at town and
village level, sharing sports facilities and field in school with local resident, propagating sports knowledge, nurturing cadres for rural sports, holding institutionalized sports competition at local
level etc.

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