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The Research on the Ecological Feminism Sports Concept with China’s National Fitness Strategy

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Sport sociology

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Presenter Zhou Yi gang - Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University (vice president) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 19        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Zhou YI gang

Abstract Resume

The State Council of China published several opinions about accelerate development sports industry and sports consumption on October, 2014. It clearly put forward to raise the national fitness as a
national strategy. It is a major reform in Chinese sports. The city fitness circle (a Chinese vocabulary which measures distance between people and fitness centers with the time radius) which matching
the national fitness also ushered in the planning and construction climax.
The research comprehensive analyze the guiding ideology, scientificity, rationality of china’s city fitness circles construction with methods of literature consultation, comparative and logical
(1)	As an important composition of china’s society progress, the demands of women's participation in sports need to face from government and market during the china’s sports reform. The advancement of
Chinese Women's sports and thoughts will take great change & influence to the Chinese sports, society and world sports;
(2)	Since the 1970s, feminist formed unique gender sports sociological research, and it also gave birth to two major schools of sports theory, Liberal Feminism and Radical Feminism. Liberal Feminism
thought the root of women social problems is the lack of freedom. It had made great progress after decades of sports practice. Radical feminism considered that patriarchy is the root of women's
oppression. Liberal feminism and radical feminism have their own historical significance, but they are not enough to support and guide the development of China's national fitness sports at the moment;
(3)	From the current western feminist ideological trend of the latest research results, we find ecological feminism. Ecological feminism think women are more closely contact with nature, and praise
the ecological feminism led by return basis, return to nature, and return to the women authenticity. It prefers on the basis of the characteristics of the female body in sports, rather than
indefinitely transgender movement and eliminate gender characteristics in sports;
(4)	The fitness with ecological feminism is accord to the needs of ordinary Chinese. The basic requirement for the people to participate in sports under the traditional Chinese Confucian and Taoist
thought education is harmony & unification of human and nature. Get rid of the fierce competition of competitive sports and inner binding are extremely useful for the majority of Chinese women and
families. Ecological feminism sports participation concept is also accordance with the fundamental principles of the Olympism.
In short, We believe in China's rapidly advancing the construction process of national fitness strategy should pay attention to the values of ecological feminism based on the special national
conditions and people life habit., it should also highlight the harmony between human and nature in the construction of urban ecological fitness circles, and try to avoid the traditional fitness
concept (competitive, power, damage) affect people's lives unduly.

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