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Research on the Risk Prevention of School Sports

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Sport sociology

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 11        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: wei chen

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In recent years, school sports in China have developed fast but it also occur  kinds of complicated and specialized school risk events in the process of physical education. In this paper, the author
analyzes and assess the risk events existing in the school sports using risk management theory and tools, and attempts to build a set of accordingly preventive measures.

literature review method; survey method; interview method; case analysis method

1.1 The risk management of school sports is the management process to make implementation of risk control and prevention to decrease the level of risk to the lowest level through identifying the
uncertainties factors which affect to achieve the goals of school sports.
1.2 Through risk identification found that the occurrence of risk events are most likely to be caused by cognitive ability, safety awareness and responsibility of teachers, students and other staff,
the safety hazard of sports venues and equipment, insecurity of the external environment, force majeure and other risks.
1.3 Through risk assessment found that there are several reasons that cause injury occurred, in which the most frequently are security risks of venues and equipment; misconduct or malfunction of
students; mismanagement or dereliction of duty of teachers; confrontational accidents; weather and environmental factors.
1.4 The school should choose a reasonable and effective risk control mode and prevention system to minimize the injuries and losses as much as possible. On the one hand, aims to avoid possible risks;
On the other hand, aims to minimize losses and achieve risk mitigation to those events that have already occurred.
1.5 Current school sports risk management system is not perfect. It has many problems, such as the inadequate laws and policies, lack of risk management ability and awareness and active control
1.6 In education developed countries, risk management has the typical features on policy supporting, institutional guarantee, clear duties and perfect insurance.

1.1 School sports risk have characteristics of objectivity, uncertainty and variability ,also they can be managed.
1.2 School sports risk management has its unique characteristics in risk identification, assessment and control. The happening of school sports risk has its internal and external causes; the frequency
and amplitude loss of risk events vary in different situations of risk; we should choose different risk control prevention system and different risk models towards different kind of risk events.
1.3 Based on the experience of some developed countries,the school should bring in sound system of relevant laws and policies;developing the risk management awareness;improving risk management
capabilities and enhancing the policy initiative to deal with the risk.

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