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Research on Event Resources of Female Teenage football in China

Abstract Theme

Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging

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Oral presentation

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Presenter CHEN WEI - WUHAN SPORTS UNIVERSITY (School of physical education) - CN

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Room: Venus        Date: 1 September        Time: 14:20:00        Presenter: wei chen

Abstract Resume

In recent years, female teenage football in China has been developing rapidly and many kinds of female teenage football events have been launched everywhere, such as The National female football
League of U-14、U-16、U-18、Championship and Chinese Women’s Football Association Cup. But these event resources need to be integrated and optimized.

Literature review method;Data Statistics method; Case Analysis method

1.1 Event resources of female teenage football are departed into material resources and immaterial resources. Material resources include financial resources and non-financial resources; immaterial
resources include human resources,time resources,  information resources and so on.
1.2 Financial resources of female teenage football in China are not abundant. The funds of each team mainly stem  from football clubs’ special appropriations, government’s appropriations and their own
collections. The source of organizer’s funds comprise entry fees, commercial naming and Chinese Football Association appropriations.
1.3 Training resources and match resources are the main parts in material resources. The football training grounds are not abundant in China, while the resources of match grounds are relatively
1.4 Athletes, coaches, referees, staff and audiences belong to human resources. The developing areas and match teams of female teenage remain stable; coaches have great experience with football
matches and their education levels have been improved gradually; referees are relatively fair and just ; the management of staff, volunteers and attendants  go well; but the number of audience is not
1.5 Time resources refer to  the time and period of  holding football matches of female teenage. Generally, football matches of female teenage is carried on from April to June and September to October
of  every year. Parts of match time conflict with players’ studying time at school.
1.6 Brand resources,scientific and technological resources and information resources are developing step by step and also promoting the event development of female teenage football.

1.1 Event resources of female teenage football  are a union. The traditional resources and new resources, material resources and immaterial resources should be optimized .
1.2 Financial resources need more government’s investment and stronger cooperation with enterprise and business institution to provide material guarantee for football events’ organization, planning
and administration.
1.3 It is necessary to increase material resources to cultivate and establish elite events of high-standard and high-level.
1.4 The human resources of female teenage football need to be adjusted including coaches’ teaching abilities, referees’ judging abilities and athletes’ selection and training systems.
1.4 The events’ time and period should be adjusted to balance players’ studying time and the competition’s time.
1.5 Taking the advantage of brand resources, science and technology resources and information resources to heighten the competitions’ technological content.

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