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Investment Analysis of Listed Companies in the Sports industry of China

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Sport development

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Maowei Xu - Wuhan Sports University (School of Sport Economics and Management) - CN
Xianyu Chen - Wuhan Sports University (School of Sport Economics and Management) - CN

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Room: Marte        Date: 2 September        Time: 17:20:00        Presenter: Maowei Xu

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In recent years, Chinese sports industry market has entered a new stage of comprehensive development and is being a newborn force of promoting Chinese economic development. Among the most highly
developed nations in the Western world, sports industry has become a driving force for domestic economic growth. Contribution degree to national economy of the sports industry in the western developed
countries is much better than that of China’s sports industry. So there will be enormous value-added space of China’s sports industry.
In October 2014, State Council of the People's Republic of China had promulgated the Several Opinions on speeding up the development of sports industry and promoting the sports consumption. This is a
clear signal of reform in the sports industry. The goal of the opinions is that, by 2025, china will establish a rational layout、 fully functional and complete system of sports industry, and the total
size of output value in sports industry will be more than 5 trillion yuan.

This study utilizes documentary method、data analysis method and investment evaluation method. The research object is financial data of 30 sports industry listed companies, which collect data from Wind
Information Financial Terminal. First, through analyze the existing domestic and foreign investment evaluation methods , this paper makes a detailed analysis of the factors affecting the macro and
micro aspects of the sports investment value of listed companies and builds the investment value comprehensive evaluation index system of sports industry listed company. Second, with the annual
reports of the listed companies in 2015 and SPSS 16.0 statistic software, we do the factor analysis and cluster analysis. Combining the results of data and investment evaluation analysis, investors
can determine the initial investment scope of 30 listed companies.

According to factor analysis, we get principle factor comprehensive score ranking of sports industry listed company and 5 common factors (profitability、assets operation ability、business growth
ability、credit capacity and cash flow). Then, combining the results of cluster analysis, we obtain 4 categories of the listed company, which are recommended to the investor. The first category
includes 2 companies. Every item of their common factor score is very high. The second category includes one company. The common factor score of its 4 items are higher than grand average. The third
category includes 5 companies. The common factor score of their 3 items are higher than grand average. The fourth category includes 10 companies. They get 2 items which are higher than grand average
and their principle factor comprehensive scores are good. All in all, there are 60% of the companies, which are worth investing in.

Sports industry of China is worth being invested, and there are more than 50% of listed companies worthy to be invested in.

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