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Research on the Multi-dimensional Determinants Affecting the Physical Fitness of Tsinghua Undergraduates

Abstract Theme

Physical activity and health

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Xindong Ma - Tsinghua University China (Divison of Sport Science & Physical Education) - CN
Dongyi Wu - Tsinghua University (Divison of Sport Science & Physical Education) - CN
Miao YU - Tsinghua University (Divison of Sport Science & Physical Education) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Venus        Date: 2 September        Time: 15:00:00        Presenter: xindong Ma

Abstract Resume

Background:To investigate multi-dimensional influence factors of Tsinghua undergraduates’ physical fitness, which including physical activity, routine, cognitive, family and school,
and explore their contribution and interaction.

Methods: A total of 1165 Tsinghua undergraduates completed the questionnaire.

Results: The proportion of students with normal weight varies among groups of different amounts of exercise (X2=19.190, p=0.001); which in group of moderate exercise is
highest(77.7%). 2. The proportion of overweight and obesity students who sleep less than 7 hours a day is significantly higher than of those who sleep more than 7 hours(X2=4.255, p=0.039). 3. students
who stay up more than 4 days/wk have a significantly higher proportion of overweight and obesity (X2=5.022,p=0.025). 4. The scores of both exercise importance cognitive and exercise interest of
students who have excellent physical fitness are significantly higher than others(p<0.05). 5. Weight coefficients of different factors are as follows, exercise interest(1.601), exercise importance
cognitive(1.545), exercise frequency(0.901), exercise intensity(0.724), father’s exercise interest(0.545), exercise duration(0.490), sports culture of high school(0.460).

Conclusions:1. Developing regular exercise habits as soon as possible and taking
participate in moderate exercise are better for improving physical fitness. Moderate physical activity is best to keep students' normal weight. 2. Lack of sleep and staying up too much are risk
factors for overweight and obesity, which may be related to insufficient physical activity caused by fatigue and eating midnight snack when staying up late. 3. The three highest impact factors are
exercise interest, exercise importance cognitive and exercise frequency.

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