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Factors on Brand Awareness of Chinese and Foreign Sporting Goods

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Sport sociology

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Presenter Hongwei Wen - Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (Department of Physical Education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 4        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Hongwei Wen

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With China’s accession to the WTO, more and more foreign sporting goods enterprises are swarming into China, vying for big market. In recent years, major players such as Nike and Adidas have firmly
secured their presence in first-tier Chinese cities, and have also penetrated into the second- and third-tier cities. On the other hand, Chinese local sports brands including Lining and Anta are
gathering strength and competing with big foreign brands. The author takes Chinese college students as the research object and studies the factors of the brand awareness that influences consumers’
purchase intention for Chinese and foreign sports brands.

Prior to the formal survey, a survey among 12 experts was conducted in the form of questionnaire and found valid and reliable for the research. After refining some questions, an improved questionnaire
was developed. Then the questionnaire was distributed among 210 college students with a response rate of 91%. The obtained data were then processed by SPSS.

The investigation shows that on the brand’s objective factors, firstly, the perception of major foreign sports brands is better than that of Chinese brands in product quality, product categories,
design and after-sales service. Secondly, there are some similarities between Chinese brand slogan, logo, brand culture and the foreign. Thirdly, in brand communication, such as advertising and PR,
foreign brands possess an apparent advantage to build brand image and enhance brand awareness over Chinese brand. On the consumer’s subjective factors, it has been found that the more you need a
product, the more you will care about the brand of the product. Chinese college students’ purchasing power of sporting goods is relatively low due to their limited financial capacity, but beyond doubt
they will be main consumers in the future. In addition, Consumers who own abundant brand experiences have a more comprehensive and deeper awareness of brands than those who don’t. 66.7% students
approve of consumer experience of foreign brands, and 85.7% students will continue to buy foreign sporting goods. Lastly, the feature of consumer is an important factor, 54.8% college students think
the international brands are better than Chinese brands in pursuing characteristics, individuality and fashion, while those features are what the college students pursue.

To date, many studies have proven that brand awareness is the most fundamental asset. High brand awareness can help to enhance understanding of the brand among target consumers and make it become a
candidate brand when the consumer wants to purchase certain products. This study is intended to highlight brand’s objective factors and consumer’s subjective factors. It is more comprehensive to
investigate and analyze the brand awareness of the Chinese and foreign sports brands.

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