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Analysis on the factors of Deteriorating Condition of College Students' Habitus in China and its Countermeasures

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Sport pedagogy

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Chunsheng WANG - Guangdong University of Finance (Physical Education Department) - CN
Hong JIA - Hunan Normal University (Physical Education School) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 11        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: CHUNSHENG WANG

Abstract Resume

"The  National Habitus Monitoring Bulletin in 2014" and " College Students' Habitus in China in 2014 survey results" show that, despite of the overall improvement of citizens’ physical habitus, the
Chinese college students' habitus continues to decline. The fact leads to people’s great concern because as we all recognize, this particular group is shouldering the responsibilities of developing
our country, the health condition of which, has a matter with China’s future development and prosperity. This paper attempts to analyze the deep-rooted factors of the college students’ deteriorating
habitus and then tries to figure out effective countermeasures to improve the current situation.

Interviews, questionnaires, literature review, survey

The factors of deteriorating habitus can be summarized as follows: first and foremost, the lack of goal and guideline for college students and the consequent lack of top-level design are the most
important factors; second, the design of physical education courses do not match with the reality of students’ physical status and the teaching methods are not varied; third, students spend less than
enough time on engaging in extra-curriculum physical activities; fourth, there is a lack of scientific assessment system for teachers and some PE teachers are not so responsible; fifth, there is a
lack of infrastructure and facilities for students. Under such circumstances, it is no wonder that students’ habitus are worsening every year.

Based on the authors’ first-hand teaching experience and survey results, this paper puts forward the following countermeasures to improve the situation. First, sound top-level design and plan for the
PE courses are required: relevant national and local departments should design both the teaching and assessment system carefully. Second, the quality of PE coursed should be improved: scientific
assessment for both teachers and students are necessary to monitor the quality of physical education. Third, students should have a better access to varied choices for PE courses. Fourth, students
should be encouraged to have the awareness to stay healthy and find time to do exercise regularly.

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