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Research on resettlement problems and countermeasures for retired athletes in China

Abstract Theme

Governance and policy

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Fujuan - Chinese paralympic management center (Competitive Sports Department) - CN
Presenter Rongji - Shenyang Sport University (Physical Training Department) - CN

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Room: Marte        Date: 3 September        Time: 17:00:00        Presenter: Fu Juan

Abstract Resume

Every year, about 3000 athletes retired in China, so resettlement task is heavy, and heavy sports projects and facilities, equipment, high environmental requirements of the project, such as canoeing,
archery, bicycle project placement job placement of retired athletes are the most difficult. Therefore, government support and public support is not fully meet the employment needs of retired
athletes, this needs from the administrative promotion, according to the characteristic of combining the needs of society, the social allocation of resources to establish a comprehensive, sustainable
and scientific and effective system of retired athletes’ resettlement.
Literature, policy analysis, statistics
1. retired athletes job placement related administrative institutions and the scope of responsibility present situation analysis
From the Angle of the government responsibility, enhance the government's sense of responsibility and mission, find out the related administrative agency liability gaps and the job placement way,
strengthen the communication and coordination between the various functional departments
2. retired athletes job placement policy formulation and implementation
In the policy formulation and implementation processes, methods, and the work plan, etc, to find out problems and the insufficiency
3. supply of resources to the settlement of retired athletes employment type, subject, way, etc
From the perspective of supply and demand, update the concept of job placement, optimizing the resources supply layout of job placement, and employment trend based on the characteristics of sports
project, the development of diversified development path, the rational allocation of resources, make the resource supply and employment guidance demand
1.Make full use of social resources, to build diversified practice platform
2.Emphasis on the effect of employment guidance work, the construction of retired athletes employment guidance studio again
3.According to your preference support difficult job placement retired athletes, send one's credentials the exercise to the grassroots
Create a diversified business platform, increase investment in venture funds
4.Establish employment information database and recruitment information private network
5.Combining employment form held in accordance with the time development training

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