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A study on the influence of the Wuhan Open tennis tournament on the city brand

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter YanYan Li - Hubei University of Economics (Dept. of Sports Economy and Management) - CN
ZiLi Lan - Hubei University of Economics (Dept. of Sports Economy and Management) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Terra        Date: 1 September        Time: 11:50:00        Presenter: YANYAN LI

Abstract Resume

A city needs marketized and internationalized brands ,which could efficiently be made by hosting large scale sporting events. For instance, the successful operation of Wuhan Open provides Wuhan with a
good opportunity to build an international metropolis. In this paper, the strategic influence upon Wuhan ,in building a new city brand by hosting Wuhan Open, are thoroughly analyzed through the
following three major aspects ,namely, the optimization to its political system, the development of its tertiary industry and the shape of its city culture. It is attempted to propose reasonable and
feasible solutions to build city brand by developing high-quality sports events.
The issue concerning Wuhan Open is elaborated by employing such methods as documentary data, expert interview, questionnaire survey and logic analysis etc. Through a comprehensive analysis of the
above-mentioned three major aspects,it is attempted to propose reasonable and feasible solutions to build city brand by developing high-quality sporting events.
To begin with,Wuhan Open may serve as a contributing factor to the development of the political system in Wuhan. The marketing operation of sports event is bound to start the optimization of the
political system in Wuhan which would motivate the building of city brand.Secondly,Wuhan Open may promote the development of tertiary industry in Wuhan.By hosting the Wuhan Open, transportation,
telecommunication, banking and insurance, real estate, tourism and sporting events output RMB 1.1 billion in 2014 and 3700 new jobs.Thirdly,Wuhan Open may shape the city brand. The successful
operation of Wuhan Open brings advantages to the shape and enhancement of Wuhan’s image by its positive influences to the quality of citizens, the cultural environment and the quality of life etc.
Above all, we need to normalize the marketing operation of sporting events. The social forces, enterprises and media groups should be greatly advocated to undertake responsibilities, take risks and
share benefits. Meanwhile, planning, modifying and operating those events wih the regulations would be perfected market economy system
Secondly,we need to strengthen the development of intermediaries concerning sporting events. A sound training and testing system for sports agents must be established as soon as possible. In addition,
the agent organizations concerning sporting events must be established to normalize the intermediary act .
Thirdly, we need to expand the influences of sporting events by utilizing news media, such as radio, TV, websites and newspapers . We should fully utilize press conference, cultural activities,
business parties, variety shows and advertisements and get timely and effective report at various levels, stages and locations.
Finally, we need implement flexible ways for tickets promotion. To name a few, there could introduce multiple sorts and discount prices of tickets, or adopt luck draw system with appealing awards.
Moreover, distribution channels could be widened through door-to-door service, mail-order and telephone booking etc.

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