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Regulation Dilemma and Promotion Countermeasures of Sports Social Organizations in China

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter YangYuanbo - Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (School of Sport Science and Physical Education) - CN
Presenter ChenCongkan - Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (School of Sport Science and Physical Education) - CN

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Room: Venus        Date: 2 September        Time: 10:20:00        Presenter: Yuanbo YANG

Abstract Resume

Background:Sports social organization is a significant force in developing sports in China. The quantity of all social organizations in China is about half a million in 2014, sports
social organizations take 5 percent in it. While developing, sports social organizations meet problems. To deal with the problems, regulation is important. Because of the defects of administrative
management system, the environment for the rule of law, social development and sports social organization itself, regulation is not efficient and ineffective. How to get rid of the dilemma and promote
the regulation on sports social organizations becomes a hot issue.

Methods:Literature Review, Comparative research, Systematical analysis were used in the research.

Results:The Regulation Dilemma consist of different aspects: 1) Regulation from government is lack of execution. The efficiency of regulation is influenced by “Dual Management
System”, functions of government and sports social organizations are confused, the law and policy for the regulation need to be improved; 2) The initiative for regulation from the society is not
enough. There is a weak power for society; citizens are not active in regulation. They are lack of consciousness sometimes. Also, as for the media, they need to be more standardized; 3) Absence of
social responsibility always caused by sports social organization itself. Autonomous capability is too weak, responsibility mechanism needs to be improved, enhancement of the level of human resource
is necessary.

Conclusions:To promote the regulation, measures should be taken as follows: 1) Deepening the regulation of government is important, such as to enhance the path, to innovate the
mechanism, to regulate the purchase of public service from sports social organizations and to reform the ways of regulation; 2) Strengthen social regulation, leading social forces participate in
regulation, evaluating sports social organizations and constructing the mechanism of accountability are recommended; 3) In the area of regulation from sports social organizations itself, it is
important to promote the public responsibility of sports social organizations, to provide a strong fit of “ right” and “responsibility” of sports social organizations, to expand the independent space
of sports social organizations and to adjust the internal governance mechanism; 4) Construct the regulation system consist of “trinity of government, society and Social organization”, it is suggested
to perfect the legal system of regulation, try to form the modern sports social organization system in accordance with law, make multi-regulation subject work well and to keep coordination of all the
factors of the regulation system.

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