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comparative analysis on competitive strength and state for disabled bicycle athletes in various events between China and other top three teamsĀ 

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Elite performance

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Presenter Fujuan - Chinese paralympic management center (Comepetitive Sports Department) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 10        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Fu Juan

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Background:Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will begin preparing, cycling guidebook qualifications prescribed in each country or region Paralympics receive up to 21 places for the
competition, male- no more than 14 athletes, female athletes- no more than seven people (including representing a tandem bicycle places). As of October 22, 2015, China has won three male and four
female individual, a total of seven places for the competition. 2012 London Paralympic Games, our country sent eight athletes (including two wild card) competition, won 6 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze.
A number of the same Rio Paralympic Games in London, a total of 50 items. 2015, respectively, participated in the venue and the road cycling world championships- the Japanese cup, have achieved good
results, to obtain a certain score. To better prepare for the Olympic Games, to achieve the desired results. In this paper, the China Disabled Persons' cycling team of the tournament is in recent
years the world rankings and members of the state to carry on the analysis, and the main rivals to discuss the advantages and disadvantages, in order to the Chinese Cycling Team ability to provide
Literature and statistics
1.the overall situation of the disabled bicycle team in China
2. field C2 man's 3 km individual race condition analysis
3.analysis on the state of the C2 class woman's individual pursuit race in 3 place
4. field C1 man's 3 km individual race condition analysis
5. field C4 woman's 500 meters individual timing race state analysis
6. field C4 woman's 500 meters individual timing race state analysis
7. field C1 woman's 500 meters individual timing race state analysis
8. Status analysis of C2 woman's 500 meter race at the venue
9. site mixed team racing season ranked and state analysis
From the overall analysis of the Chinese team, the current team of disabled persons on their own overall age of the project team is too large, physical aspects of the players are the main
disadvantage, the current players are in a stable state. Venue C2 man's 3 km individual chase, Columbia and Russia state has improved, the Chinese players are relatively stable. Site C2 level in the
woman's individual pursuit race, the Dutch team score improved rapidly, and upward to the first, States members of the state is stable, powerful force, sprint and fast is the main advantage of the
team, member of the Chinese team is injured at the restoration. Venue C1 man's 3 km individual chase race, China and Argentina are relatively stable and competitive status, Canada in all aspects of
the upgrade faster, in a rising state. Venue C4 woman's 500 meters individual time race, China, Holland, Australia, are stable. Site C2 level woman's 500 meters time trial venue, the Netherlands,
China, the competition is fierce, the Dutch in stable stage. China and the United States are in increasing in site mixed team racing season. China, Spain, Russia, in recent years, their competition
results are little ups and downs, strength difference is tiny, so they will be the biggest surprise in the game in Rio 2016 Paralympic Game.

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