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Happy Gymnastics: A New Sport Benefiting hundreds of millions Chinese Children

Abstract Theme

Sport development

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Wei xubo - Wuhan Sports University (Art Sports College) - CN
Chen hong - Wuhan Sports University (library and Sports Information Center) - CN
Chen yongqing - Wuhan Sports University (Office of Educational Administration) - CN
Deng qing - Wuhan Sports University (Art Sports College) - CN

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 24        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Wei xubo

Abstract Resume

Artistic Gymnastics is a kind of sport suitable for people of all ages. Chinese artistic 
gymnastics team is among the highest level in the world, but gymnastics is not widely popularized in China, especially among children. Only a few children in China take gymnastic exercises, 
which leads to a lower level of their health and basic living ability . To change this situation,
 Chinese Gymnastics Association pursues a new sport ----- Happy Gymnastics. 
1.Documentary: Using Documentary to collect information from books, magazines and the internet .2.Interview: Talk and discuss with Chinese gymnastics players and their coaches. 3.Survey: Investigate
in clubs , schools and amateur gymnastic training centers.


1.What is happy gymnastics? 
Happy gymnastics is a new sport based on artistic gymnastics, targeted at children and focus
on the interest , participation rate, happiness and health of them.  Actually  it is a kind of gymnastics of children with pleasant, happy, joyful, merry, brighten, and there is big difference from
traditional  Chinese gymnastics  before. Considering the favourite for the word of “happy”    of all Chinese people, we could call it Happy gymnastics .
2.The aim of happy gymnastics: 
To abandon the old idea of  practicing  gymnastics for champion and set the new one of
 practising for participation, exercise, happiness and joy, ability and health. 
3.The content of gymnastics: 
The happiness gymnastics levels 1 to 10 carried out by Chinese Gymnastic Association, as well as children’s favorite games, run and jump, free-hand exercise, dance and children’s gymnastic equipment
Children and their parents are lack of knowledge about happy gymnastics, and the number of participants is not so large. There are not enough actions and measures from schools and kindergartens.
Cities are lack of fields while countryside are short of teachers and equipment.
5.The measures to carry out:
Happy gymnastics requires the lead of government-affiliated amateur gymnastics teams, promotion of private clubs, active participation of kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools, as well
as fund and field support of government and good teachers or coaches cultivated by colleges and universities.
There are more than 100 million children in China, so happy gymnastics has a huge market and potential. It will effectively increase the number of people doing gymnastics exercise, improve physical
quality of Chinese children, promote children’s health and benefit millions of children for their whole life. The Happy Gymnastics of China could also practice in other countries and regions in world.
Happy Gymnastics of China is an new but valuable experiment, and it will benefit for hundreds of millions  Chinese Children and in the world also.

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