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From Local Games to International Sport Events:A Case Study on Miluo’s Dragon Boat Races

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Sport sociology

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Presenter Xianglin Luo - Hunan Normal University (School of Physical Education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 2        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: xianglin luo

Abstract Resume

Miluo’s Dragon boat races are being re-shaped from folk sports into an international water event, moving from what was traditionally a cultural based event to sport tourism, so it is a very good
research object to explore sport transformation from the local to the global.
A case study design was used to perform an actor network analysis of the innovation systems in which mode and motive for dragon boating are choosed and developed.
1. Review on the process of dragon boat races in Miluo, there is divided into three stages from local games to sports, then to international events.
2.Three-level actor network for dragon boating: 2.1 The macro-level actors include Dragon Boating Association, the General Administration of Sport, and government official, their goal is to promote
dragon boating to globalization. 2.2 The microlevel actors include community dragon boat club, the player and audiences, they focus on local culture, entrust daily life meaning as its core. 2.3
Meso-level mediators are local government and commercial corporations, they emphacize the events from the cultural domain into the political and economic domains.
3. The assessment and criticism to modern dragon boating. 3.1 The effects of modern dragon boat race in Miluo, made the folk dragon boating break through geographical boundaries, solve the operation
funds in the context of market economy, and enhance Miluo culture and urban brand.3.2 Confusion of dragon boat race in Miluo, there shows a variety of inevitable contest between traditional and
modern, grass-roots and the elite. So, it is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of the society, balance the multiple interests, and maintain regional characteristic.
According to field survey, the value of dragon boating can be divided into "intrinsic value" and "external value". Intrinsic value is recognized by local people as insider and used in their actual
life. External value is evaluated by the outsider's scholars, social activists and businessmen. Two kinds of value realization rely on collaboration each other, especially the realization of intrinsic
value need to be emphasized.
This study shows that mediator sites located between macro- and micro-level networks in the innovation system for dragon boating play a central role in the assurance of mode. At these sites, global
and local are cooperatively developed and shared with both policy makers in the macro-level network and players from local communities. The macro-level actors emphasize the imperialistic ambitions of
nations, corporations, organizations, and to impose themselves on various geographic areas; micro-level actors emphasize folk rituals and cultural traits for constructing the field of meanings and
symbols associated with community life; Meso-level mediators emphasize the interpenetration of the global and the local. The governance of the actor network for dragon boating therefore poses
challenges, it is very importment to reconcile the conflict linking globalization and regionalization, homogenization and heterogenization, modern development and the historical legacy of dragon

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