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Mental Training of Chinese Diving Team for Olympic Games

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Sport psychology

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Presenter Zhongqiu Zhang - China Institute of Sport Science (China Institute of Sport Science) - CN
Binbin Jia - China Institute of Sport Science (China Institute of Sport Science) - CN
Zhao Zhu - China Institute of Sport Science (China Institute of Sport Science) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Pink - 20        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Zhongqiu Zhang

Abstract Resume

Psychological diathesis has become a vital factor to help modern athletes succeed, especially under the intense-competition circumstance. Thus, mental training is considered as a crucial part of
competitive sports in hopes of maximizing athletes’ performance. Chinese diving team has already won 39 golden medals since 1984, Los Angeles. In order to prolong this legend, researchers have
provided psychological monitoring and mental training for multiple Chinese divers in a very long period of time in an effort to strengthen their mental regulation ability and guarantee a solid
performance in Olympic game.

It mainly introduced how 4 psychological approaches were used by researchers in effort to help the elite athletes in China national diving team adjusting their mindsets and addressing some mental
issues. The whole mental training program here contains 4 main parts which named Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Imagery, Facial Expression Recognition Technology (FERT), and Yoga. During the
entire mental training process, a series of studies and experiments conducted by researchers had showed that the four psychological techniques reported here are effective. Each part has a brief
introduction of the psychological approach involved in and related literatures, as well as an explicit case-study.

The results showed that Solution Focused Brief Therapy can help to solve pre-competition, non-adaptive psychological problems among Chinese elite divers. Moreover, imagery training had a positive
impact on the improvement of motor skills and the stability of performance. Further, using Facial Expression Recognition Technique for the analysis of emotional behavior is also practicable for
helping divers manage their emotions during intense competition. Finally, Yoga training was an accepted and effective way for Chinese divers to release both physical and psychological pressure.

All of these practical and effective methods of mental training are applied by athletes and coaches in Chinese Diving Team and have achieved remarkable success.

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