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A Statistical Analysis of Teenager Campus Football Development in China

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Mei Yang - Wuhan Sports University (International Education) - CN
Zhihui Tian - Wuhan Sports University (International Education) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Terra        Date: 4 September        Time: 17:40:00        Presenter: Mei Yang

Abstract Resume

Key words: campus football; development; statistical analysis

In 2013, China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) launched its 20-point plan to develop football among teenagers with the purpose of raising the national proficiency in 2020. This initiative was in line
with the issuing of The Overall Reform and Development Plan of Chinese Football by the General Office of the State Council which aims to build China into a football powerhouse as part of the Chinese
dream. A special institution entitled “Teenager Campus Football Leading Group” was established by MOE and five other departments to ensure the thriving of football in schools through promulgating laws
and policies, outlining annual plans, and reviewing rules and budgets for promoting the sport among the nation’s students and youth.

A statistical analysis was made with regard to the points included in the plan to see what has been done at each level of the state and to expatiate on whether the goal of the plan can be fulfilled.

1.Laws and policies at different levels have been promulgated with annual plans for promoting sports among China’s students and youth.
2.In 2015, 8651 schools 39 cities or areas were selected to promote football, exceeding the planned 6000 and 10. World renowned football clubs or stars have started their co-operation in building
football schools. Football is becoming a compulsory part of physical education classes and part of the students’ overall quality assessment with the purpose of reforming the country's physical
education system in the long run.
3.Football tournaments in primary, junior and high schools as well as colleges were started. Enrollment policies were made for recruiting talented footballer. 

Politics yields powerful effects on sports in China. Cultural pressures and government laws have made a huge impact on the development of football. However, many schools still experience problems with
basics such as finding qualified football teachers and referees. Moreover, whether sufficient supervision of the resources can be provided to the schools is in question considering that the most of
the football schools established in China in the 1990s have been closed.

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