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The Application of Quantified Self Theory of Health Management Products in The Monitoring of physical activity

Abstract Theme

Physical activity and health

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter 张军 - Shanghai university of sport (Physical education an training) - CN
陆大江 - Shanghai university of sport (Sports science) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Urano        Date: 3 September        Time: 15:00:00        Presenter: 张 军

Abstract Resume

Background:Due to people ignore the daily health management,Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality causing an estimated 3.2
million deaths globally.The new health reform in 2010 pointed out: the current development trend of world medical should be change from medical treatment to preventive medicine.The function of
traditional health management products can not meet the health needs of people,Especially in recent years,smart device into our daily life,people begin to realize the importance of personal health the magazine《wired》first proposed the theory of "Quantified self"in 2007, then a series of papers have been published in《The New York Times》about the automatic collection of personal
exercise data."Quantified self"is gradually being concerned by the public.Wearable smart device has now become the new favorite in People's life,such as smart watches,smart phones,smart glasses,making
everyone can quantified personal life.Therefore,this abstract aims to explore the application of "Quantified self" health management products in the monitoring of physical activity.
Methods:“Physical activity,health management and quantified self”as keywords are searched in CNKI and web of science,we analysis the status of health management products,through the
comparison of traditional and quantified self health management products,to explore the application prospects of wearable smart device as a representative of quantified self theory of health
management product.
Results:Wearable smart device has the following advantages:1、monitoring is not subject to time and space constraints: Wearable design is not restricted by time and space,can be used
at everywhere or carry, to facilitate the user to complete the monitoring,management and other functions.2、The product has the function of monitoring and data interpretation, which belongs to the
improvement of traditional personal health monitoring products.3、The perfection of the management process:the ultimate goal of health management is to prevent occurrence of disease,traditional health
management products is only monitoring,and quantified self health management product can help users to identify and understand health problems,finally to solve the health problems through the use of
products, to reduce maximum incidence of the disease.
Conclusions:"Quantified self"health management products have occurred fundamental the user experience obtained in process of using also changed accordingly.The traditional
health management product only provides simple exercise management function, the user experience is a passive sense of using,especially when users lose freshness to use  the product,it is very easy to
be abandoned by the user. However,quantified self theory of health management products exist in the form of wearable device and analysis software.Its comfortable monitoring method and Interactive
management brings Good use experience to users,and the process of Users participated in the whole management greatly improves the enthusiasm of the active participation of users.

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