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Analysis on Comprehensive Strength of Top 8 Teams in 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup for Women in Turkey

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Sport development

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Presenter Rongji - Shenyang Sport University (Physical Training Department) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 15        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Rong Ji

Abstract Resume

In order to make quantities study on the comprehensive strength of top 8 teams in 2014 FIBA Basketball Women’s World Cup, this paper takes ages, heights, and technical statistics as the object. 
literature, game observation, statistics
To age’s statistics, we set mean, maximum, minimum, above 30, 25-29, below 20 as the main indexes, so as to analyze the age structure of 8 teams, and find which team is mature powerful and which
team is young potential. To height, we set mean, maximum, minimum, above 190cm, 185cm to 189cm, below 180cm as main indexes, so as to analyze the height structure of 8 teams, and height distribution.
To technical statistics, we choose basketball regular technical indicator, and analyze the different performance of top 8 teams.
The results show that 6 teams show the reasonable characteristics of the age structure except USA and China. USA and China have not realized the smooth succession. The age structure of USA has
not replaced old players with new ones. The age structure of China shows rejuvenation of players. For height, the average height of China is 187.2 cm, the largest number in top 8 teams, and Spain is
in the second place. Other teams, especially top 3 teams show different between inside and outside players. From table 3, every team takes different characteristics in defensive and offensive
performance. USA is the most powerful team which is reflected by all indexes. Spain is an aggressive team which can be seen by steal, defensive rebound, and also it used to quick attack that is
reflected by 15.7 offensive rebounds. Australia shows solid basic skills for shot, and strong self-confidence, and it has higher data in rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc, but fewer turnovers,
therefore Australia’s overall strength is a well-trained team. Turkey has strong defensive ability which is showed by less loss. Canada is a slow rate team with powerful defensive ability, but it has
no obvious characteristic on offense. France is also a slow rate team with less PM, more PA and TO. Serbia has variety plays which showed by fast rate attack, more PA and PM, and fewer turnovers, but
it has some disadvantages, including less rebounds and assists.
The overall teams development trend shows younger, taller, speed, agility; offense play favored aggressive, quick shot, outside drive and 3 point shot, pick and roll, and personal attack;
defense attaches great importance to the integrity, aggressive in half-court man-to-man defense.

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