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A Rational Thought on the Teaching Reform of the Professional Training Course of Sport Training Majors in China’s Sports Colleges from the Perspective of Social Needs

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Sport sociology

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Presenter Luxiang Cui - Shenyang Sport University (Physical Training Department) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 34        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: luxiang cui

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Professional training course has always been the key course of sport training majors in Chinese sports colleges. According to statistics, the ratio of technical courses and theoretical courses of
sport training majors is 1:1. And the professional training course, which accounts for 1/2 of technical courses, lasts for the longest time among all the courses. Therefore, such factors of teachers
who teach this course as the teaching concept, ideas, methods, and assessment exert important influence on students’ learning attitude and even life values. Thus, this study is to enlighten and
provide references to the reform of sport training majors’ professional training course and the cultivation of them.
Questionnaires are used in this paper to survey sport training teachers and students.
1. Motivations of the reform of professional training course
The training objectives of sport training students in sports colleges are developing from a single goal to multiple goals. 
2. Problems of professional training course
To begin with, the teaching ideas of sport training teachers are still restricted by intensive training mode. Secondly, most teachers are not sufficiently aware of the multiple goals of training
objectives. Thirdly, more than half of the students deem that the structure of teaching content is not appropriate enough. Additionally, traditional teaching methods that have been adopted for years
still influence teachers’ educational and teaching concepts. Finally, the course assessment still put much emphasis on the results and quantification instead of the process and quality.
3. Reform strategies of professional training course
    The teaching ideas of professional training teachers should be transformed into those that are people-oriented and emphasize comprehensive development. 
1. The motivations of professional training course reform mainly include the training objectives, student structure, employment prospects and students’ preference of choosing courses.
2. The professional training course has several problems. Firstly, traditional teaching ideas of training athletes no longer fit the practical needs of sports training students. Secondly, teaching
objectives are not comprehensive, emphasizing the technical training but ignoring the cultivation of other abilities such as the ability to adjust to the society. Thirdly, the teaching content is not
optimal, lacking systematization and continuity. Teaching contents of different terms overlap and overemphasize technical training while neglecting the cultivation of comprehensive abilities to adapt
to the society. In addition, the traditional teaching method cannot boost students’ enthusiasm of learning. Finally, the course assessment  puts too much emphasis on technical sport skills and relies
on the results instead of the process.
3. Some reform strategies are proposed in this paper, including transforming teaching ideas of teachers, adjusting teaching objectives, reforming teaching content, optimizing class organization and
teaching methods and improving the course assessment.

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