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Techniques and Tactics Features Analysis of Small-scale Elite Women’s Taekwondo Athletes in China

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Elite performance

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Presenter Gao Ping - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center of Sports and Health) - CN
Yu Yin - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center of Sports and Health) - CN
Hu Yihai - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center of Sports and Health) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 4        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Gao Ping

Abstract Resume

Small-scale women taekwondo is an advantageous sport in China as China won the gold medal in both 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. A study on the techniques and tactics features of small-scale elite women
taekwondo athletes can provide certain theoretical references for the training of this sport.
Through the methods of expert interview, video analysis and mathematical statistics, this paper will make a research on the features of creating opportunity, techniques application, tactics
application and attacking position in competitions of small-scale elite women taekwondo athletes in China.
Small-scale elite women taekwondo athletes in China are good at creating opportunities initiatively in the competition, mainly based on forward sliding step, side sliding step, knee-up sliding step
and other step movements, plus sudden attack by turning kick of foreleg, turning kick or downward kick after raising a knee as an inducement.
They are capable of recognizing and capturing attacking opportunity. The main techniques applied are foreleg turning kick, rear leg turning kick, pushing kick, foreleg downward kick, rear leg downward
kick, hook kick and back kick, whose application rate are 36%,34%,14%,9%,4%, 3% and 2% respectively. Among them, the success rate of foreleg turning kick, foreleg downward kick, back kick and pushing
kick are higher, which are25%, 46%, 25%and 32% respectively. Blocking and pasting are the main defense techniques, while straight fist, twisting kick and crescent kick are applied in the process of
pasting. Moreover, flexible step movement is also a key technique for attack and defense.
Small-scale elite athletes mainly adopt storm attack, accounting for 53% of the total attack tactics, facing attack accounting for 24%,counterattack 14% and induced attack 9%. Among them,
counterattack tactics has the highest success rate of 38%, while storm attack and induced attack gain a lower success rate.
For small-scale elite athletes,18% of the total attacking positions are on head with a success rate of 63%, 53% on abdomen with a success rate of 32%, and 29% on ribs with a success rate of 7%. It’s
evidently higher than those of common athletes on the awareness of high-position attack, technique reserve, and application quantity and success rate,which are the key to win a match. Although head
attack has a high success rate, fewer attack times lead to few points in the match. Although the success rate for abdomen and rib attack is lower, more kick times get more points.
Small-scale elite women taekwondo athletes in China are good at creating opportunities to attack by using step movement and mutative techniques and tactics. Foreleg turning kick, foreleg downward kick
, pushing kick and back kick are major attack techniques to gain points. Head attack is the key to win a match. Application of tactics is diversified but predominated by initiative attack, and the
success rate of counterattack tactics is the highest.

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