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On Motivation Analysis of Career Women in Yoga Fitness Program in Chengdu, China

Abstract Theme

Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging

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Abstract Authors

Presenter JIN YAN - Chengdu Sport University (Foreign Languages Department) - CN
Yan Hong - Chengdu Sport University (Department of Physical Education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Brown - 6        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: YAN JIN

Abstract Resume

With the rapid economic and social development in China, yoga, as a way of health improvement and quality life, has gradually gained popularity in Chinese leisure sports market, especially among women
in big cities. The study aims to explore the motivation of career women in yoga training, based on a survey of women members in commercial yoga fitness centers in Chengdu and to analyze the influence
factors for the situation and provide some constructive suggestions.
The survey is conducted among several yoga fitness centers in Chengdu with questionnaires. Literature review, expert interviews, logical analysis and others are applied to analyze the motivation of
women in yoga fitness centers and the influence factors. Descriptive statistics are computed to describe the socio-demongraphic attributes of the women in the yoga fitness center in Chengdu.
Correlation analysis are conducted to examine the associations between yoga knowledge, yoga center and their motivation and behaviors.
1.The career women surveyed in the study average 41.8 years with an average annual income of about 220,000 yuan. They have 9 to 16 years of formal schooling. Most of them are reported to have some
mental or physical problems, such as anxiety, back pain, surgery, before yoga practice.
2. Mass media is an influence factor for the women to join in yoga practice as it promotes yoga as a kind of fashionable fitness and leisure sport. Professional training and coaching, excellent venue
and props in yoga fitness center attracts women to stick to the practice and meets their needs of relaxing and socializing.
3. Health promotion, body shaping, mental relaxation, pursuit of quality life are major motives for career women to practice yoga. Those who are more knowledgeable of health matters and health risk
factors are more likely to stick to the habit of practicing. Most of them who have practiced yoga on a regular basis agree that yoga can ease their anxiety and depression, help their sleep and improve
their life quality.
4. Due to the fast pace in urban life, career women those who could not follow yoga exercise for a long time on a regular basis complain that work stress and lack of time are the major reasons for
yoga habits. Besides, lack of professional coaching and proper venue can also affect women’s interest in yoga. They could easily forget to develop a habit of yoga practice with no companions or coach,
if only disciplined by themselves. If with no yoga knowledge, some of them could feel a bit frustrated with the slow progress and fundamental poses.
With the improvement of people's life quality in China, career women have become a key part of consumers of popular fitness products, such as yoga. The study explores their motivation in yoga practice
with a survey in Chengdu and finds that health promotion, body shaping, mental relaxation, pursuit of quality life are major factors for them to choose yoga as a way of fitness, although different
members have different features and demands for yoga centers. Their knowledge about health and yoga have also guided their health behaviors and habits.

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