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Abstract Title

Self-dependent Innovation of China’s Sports Brand in the Era of Big Data

Abstract Theme

Sport development

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter WANG Lei - Wuhan Sport University (School of Journalism and Communication) - CN
AI Xianfeng - Wuhan Sport University (School of International Education) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Marte        Date: 2 September        Time: 17:40:00        Presenter: Lei Wang

Abstract Resume

Sports brand is formed in the marketing or communication process. Taken as a trademark, it is used to connect such interest groups as consumers with sports products and generate new value. The core
competitiveness of the sports brand lies in its self-dependent innovative technology. Therefore, the big data world of sports brand and Chinese self-dependent innovation sports brand can only be
established through integrating the development of sports brand and self-dependent innovation , as well as shifting the core competitiveness of sports brand self-dependent innovation from market
competition to data competition.

Documentation method; Semi-structured interview and questionnaire ;Qualitative and quantitative approaches.

1.Brand positioning is the core and centralized expression of market positioning. Most of Chinese export products are labor-intensive and low-ended with low proportion of hi-tech products.
Consequently, the competitiveness of Chinese sports products is relatively weak with little influence on the international market.
2.The most typical feature of core competitiveness is its non-repeatability and the basic driving force rests with self-dependent innovation. The common failing of Chinese self-dependent innovative
sports brand is the lack of innovative power. The research and development of most enterprises is still in the phase of imitation which is lack of  technological incubators.
3.The largest predicament of the internationalization of China’s sports brand is the deficiency of international innovative talents which makes it hard to achieve the transition from imitative
innovation to self-dependent innovation and lead to the detention of “plateau” for a long period.

1. Through data mining, the new research mode of customers to discover the potential demands of customer efficiently in the available  vast swaths of data, it makes possible to present a direct view
of the customer demands to the brand owners. As a result, rapid and optimal allocation of resources can be achieved through digital processing of target market.
2. Development of self-dependent innovation market through imitated crowd-funding mode; Crowd-funding could get the start-up capital of innovation project by crowd-funding means. To introduce crowd
funding as a new attempt to lower cost and potential risk could bring refined outcomes.
3. Highlighting the role of innovative talents with the help of big data technology; It is imperative for the innovative talents to integrate big data technology with brand development to realize the
shifting of core competitiveness of brand from the competition of market to that of the data. It is also inevitable to embark on the road of creating self-dependent innovative sports brand with the
help of big data technology and self-dependent innovative technology as the core competitiveness.

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