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Five Winning Factors of Chinese Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Abstract Theme

Elite performance

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Wei xubo - Wuhan Sports University (Art sports) - CN
Chen hong - Wuhan Sports University (library and sports information) - CN
Hu lei - Wuhan Sports University (Art sports) - CN

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 4        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Wei xubo

Abstract Resume

1. Background:
Chinese men’s artistic gymnastics has good performance in the great competitions of world. Looking back on the history, one fundamental successful experience comes from properly applying Five Winning
Factors. It refers to strength, difficult, stability, aesthetics and new. The coaches and athletes obtain great achievements in Apply it.
2. Methods:
Documentary, Observations, Interview. 
3. Results:
3.1. Winning Factor: Strength
Strength refers especially to capability of human beings to overcome resistance from the earth's core gravitation. Strength also is a muscles force that tends to oppose or retard motion of gymnast’s
Specially arrange: the strength training is specially arranged for 2-3 times a week, generally including upper limb, waist and abdomen and leg in the strength practice.
Load strength exercises: the athletes shall bear 15KL to climb ropes for 2 times and then conduct rings training.
3.2. Winning Factor: Difficult
Difficult  is “D” score refers to the value of elements and connection bonus. The higher the value of difficulty are, the more the winning opportunity  should be.
In London OG 2012, Chinese team dominants 3.2 in D score more than Japan team, which lay a solid foundation for the final victory. 
3.3. Winning Factor: Stability
Stability refers to the stability of dismount and accuracy of action in the artistic gymnastics. The accuracy of action refers to whether the mistake of “bending, flexion, division, movement, scratch,
touch, stop and falling” .
To Improve E score: Chinese focuses on 8 eliminating mistakes of “bending, division, flexion movement, scratch, touch, stop and falling”. Proposes the slogan: “two apart legs are equal to loss of one
difficulty of Group F”, “gold medal depends on stable dismount”. Seek high success rate to reach 100%. Released “Prize for Stable Dismount”.
3.4 Winning Factor: Aesthetics
“Aesthetics” refers to high technical quality and nice art performance in the artistic gymnastics. 
In the arrangement of complete actions of young men, the good figure, large amplitude, coordination, beauty shall be fully carried forward.
3.5 Winning Factor: New 
“New” refers to the uniqueness of new action, new connection, new technology and arrangement. innovation is embodied under the combined action of several aspects, such as the unity of talent and hard
training of athletes, training plan and method of coaches, advanced protective facility, good fatigue recovery measure.
In order to encourage innovation, the judge will give higher score for the athlete taking new actions. The winning factor “new” shall be emphasized in Chinese artistic gymnastics training.
4. Conclusions:
The success core of Chinese men’s gymnastics team is to grasp the Five Winning Factors. Various countries in the world are preparing for the gymnastics competition of 2016 Rio Olympic Games, all the
players and the teams shall try to grasp it in the preparation process. The theory and practice of Five Winning Factors grasped by Chinese men’s gymnastics also have a certain guidance value for the
teaching and training of men’s gymnastics of various countries in the world.

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