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Discuss on Chinese Reserve Talents Cultivation in Competitive Sports

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Sport development

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Presenter Deng Chenliang - University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Department of Physical Education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 14        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Zhaohua Tang

Abstract Resume

This paper aims to provide theoretical references for related departments to seek a way with Chinese characteristics in the training of competitive sports reserve talents, which comforts to the needs
of Chinese political and economic development as well.

Mainly adopting documentation and interview, this paper reviews Chinese competitive sports reserve talentes training system from three aspects, including talents cultivating concept, training system,
and cultivating mode. Moreover, this paper explores the problems in this system and puts forward targeted suggestions.

According to different training methods, Chinese current cultivating system of competitive sports reserve talents can be divided into three types. Take training degree into consideration, the first
type can be classified into four levels. The first level includes traditional sports item schools, ordinary teenager sports clubs, and general pilot schools which have high level sports training teams
with. The second level is regarded as various physical education schools and amateur sports training teams of all sizes. The third level consists of professional teams from provinces and cities,
high-level university sports teams, and specialized sports teams. The forth level refers to national teams of all kinds of sports. In terms of cultivating characters, the second type falls into
specialized teams, professional teams and amateur training teams. According to management departments, the third type could be divided into high-level university sports teams which are managed by
physical cultural administrative departments and ministry of education, amateurish youngsters sport schools and sports activities in middle and primary schools managed together by physical cultural
administrative departments and ministry of education, professional teams and clubs exclusively operated by ministry of industry, and competitive sports schools and clubs formed spontaneously in
society. There are mainly four cultivating modes for Chinese current competitive sports reserve talents: "Ding Junhui Mode", "Wenzhou Mode", "Tsinghua Mode", and traditional "Nationwide Mode". Through
comprehensive analysis of training concepts, system, and mode of Chinese competitive sports reserve talents, several problems, including strong government administrative participation, low efficiency
rate of resource allocation, blurry boundary of property right of sports school, deficiency of promoting system, disconnection between sports training and culture education, obvious contradiction
between single investing body and multi-interest groups still exist.

In order to establish a healthier training system for competitive sports talents, it is suggested that the cultivating mode should be developed from single to pluralism; the concerns should be
transformed from sporting achievements to all-round development of human beings; and the cultivating modes should be transformed to correspond with socialist market economy, rather than planned

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